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Fred Barnes: It’s a Two-Man Race

...for the Republican nomination. If Giuliani doesn’t put Romney away early, then Mitt will emerge as the consensus alternative. Voters don’t like the new, restrained McCain as much as the old, feisty one. I would underline "old." Fred in the flesh has been a disappointment so far. Huckabee doesn’t have the money or the plan required for what would have to be a mighty quick exploitation of a victory in Iowa. I think Barnes is PROBABLY right on McCain and Thompson. I’m not as sure about Huck. My prediction based, of course, on no real facts: Huck or Mitt will quickly emerge as the alternative to Rudy, based largely on the outcome in Iowa. If Rudy doesn’t put his rival away on Feb. 5 (this year’s super-Tuesday), then he’s in big trouble. I will also glibly speculate that Romney will prove to be a formidable adversary if he gets to focus on Giuliani alone. (If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s even-money--Rudy vs. the rest of the field.)

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You know when you are an Ohio State man you can't wish the wolverines well, unless you become a betting man. Then essentially you count on your ability to predict things. If I was a betting man I would take Hillary against the field at even money and consider myself happy since I would probably take Hillary at 60/40. At what point do you say the hell with loyalties, lets look at this as a pundit or a vegas handicaper would? Then if you were actually taking bets the fact might be that you hate hillary but want her to win and you are laughing to the bank while the suckers/true believers who support Ron Paul, Huckabee or Romney make you money. Or maybe you become a pundit the days before Tressel some Ohio State fans bet on Michigan just so that they could be happy no matter who won. Of course being Republican isn't that much different than supporting the Big Ten...sometimes the fiercest rivalries are in house...and when it comes to the Big Bowl game the question is if you support your conference first.

I meant Rudy vs. the rest of the REPUBLICAN field. If I made my living through betting, I'd put my money on Hillary being much better than even money as our next prez.

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