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Fund on Huckabee, part 2

Hugh Hewitt links to a video of John Fund talking with Tucker Carlson about Mike Huckabee’s record in Arkansas. Their conclusion is as coastally patronizing of flyover evangelicals as anything I’ve seen: those evangelicals are socially conservative--they’re pro-life (and good for them, adds the oh-so-superior Carlson)--but not so conservative on other issues, like free trade (adds Fund), though they shop at Walmart. Yup, us’ns does shop at Walmart. (I guess Fund hasn’t met any affluent, relatively well-educated suburban evangelicals. The folks at my church are as likely to be found in Target as in Walmart.)

Here, for what it’s worth, is Huckabee’s response to Fund’s column. I’d add that what tends to distinguish governors from legislators, at least in some cases, is a certain pragmatism. You work with the legislature you have and you try to solve problems. That may well militate against conservative purism (and, by the way, also liberal purism, if you think about relatively successful red state Democratic governors).

Byron York offers a more balanced assessment of Huckabee’s gubernatorial record in a piece published last month in the print edition of National Review.

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Setting aside the fact that Tucker Carlson is a dimwit, I don't see anything patronizing about this piece. I thought Fund ably defended his position that Huckabee is a populist, not a conservative.

A pox on both (Huckabee and Fund) their houses.

Tucker loves Ron Paul and said he voted for him in '88. I just wish Tucker would put back on the bow tie. I agree that Fund can be rather obnoxious.

I love Hugh Hewitt. If any of the steadfast and Promethean NLT regs are in the market for some fun, be sure to check out his latest venture: Cruise South America featuring some of the top cruisers. You'll get to meet Larry Craig (bathroom cruiser), Mark Foley (Internet Cruiser),and special guest Ted Haggard (Gay prostitute cruiser).

It's guaranteed to be tons o' fun!

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