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I got Steve Hayward to talk about the presidential race, such as it is. He promises that it will get more interesting. Maybe. I had an unsatisfying discussion with local Republicans last night about illegal immigration. To abbreviate, I took Gulliani’s line: end illegal immigration at the border. The rest of it is an issue that is too complicated to simply "fix" by passing the laws. It can’t yet be done for many reasons, not the least of which is that public opinion has not been formed on the issue. We saw proof of that with the Bush plan crashing. There is no crisis, in short. It was a pretty confusing discussion, proving, among other things, that the Republicans have a long way to go before they know their minds on some things. Many kept saying we don’t know what to think, tell us how to think about the issue. A kind of desperate plea for what folks call leadership. Anyway, Hayward says we’ll get it eventually.

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I don't like it when fellow Americans are bleating about "leadership." Too often "leadership" is an attitude of "for the people, despite the people."

Republicans "don't know what to think" on the issue. Well the facts are there, we've had a couple of decades of open borders, so the social results are there to be seen, observed, studied. The economic "benefits" can be calculated, and the toll that open borders will exact upon the economy as a whole can be roughly estimated, as Heritage did before the Senate tried to ram through an anti-democratic measure.

So what piece of information are they waiting for before they are for, or against. Yea, or nay.

Tell 'em to read VDH's MEXIFORNIA. There's a good start.

I took Gulliani’s line: end illegal immigration at the border.

That is not Giuliani's line. He has exactly the same position as Bush and McCain. He wants to legalise all the current illegals and open the immigration floodgates even wider.

It's remarkable how few people seem to be aware of the mans positions on the issues.

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