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Before the new man from Hope can become a really serious candidate, we’re going to have to come to terms with these pretty serious allegations about his unethical activity as governor. Of course, we decided to give another Arkansan chief executive a pass when similar (really, worse) concerns surfaced.

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None of this is stuff we haven't seen before, and in general it's petty not serious. He had a wedding register because he and his wife had a "covenant" marriage as an example after they passed the law in Arkansas. A covenant marriage has special restrictions against divorce. So the register was a little cheesy, it's not unethical. Flying the plane on a personal trip? Congressmen, and the President have their travel taken care for them...what's the big deal.

They are cute stories, but the fact that this is the best they can do on Huckabee after he was in government for so long shows he's pretty clean.

And the setting up of a charity (if the article can be believed) to effectively launder money back to himself?

And being officially reprimanded by the ethics committee 5 times?

Ad using public money for family restaurant meals, boat expenses, and other personal uses?

I understand this isn't bugging-the-Watergate big, but certainly is much more than just some "cute stories"

Are you employed by the campaign? You certainly act like a shill.

If these stories are old then no wonder Huckabee does not have support we might expect from social conservatives. Anyone looking carefully at the candidates (which I have not been doing) would have to look askance at such ethical quavering.

Clint, doesn't this speak to issues of character? That post of a few days ago by Joe about the complaints that young people have about Christians is all about this sort of thing. A covenant marriage ceremony that becomes all about "give us new stuff" is cheesy if you are a private individual, but smacks of something else when you are public one.

Gave the other Arkansan a pass? Perhaps you don't recall what Kenneth Starr and the guy they fired before him were investigating all that time, until this Lewinsky thing reared its fleshy head.

I didn't say that the covenant marriage became all about give me stuff. It was in my opinion cheesy for an older couple to do that, but certainly it was not the main point of the covenant marriage and it is certainly not a violation of ethics. The story is a cute story, harmless until political opponents get a hold of it.

"Ethics" committees are always partisian I would remind you, and Huckabee came from a very Democratic state, so the "official" reprimands could be politically motivated. I'd have to see a lot more than this to get worried, and I think the American people would too.

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