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If You Want to See a Man . . .

. . . watch this. Peter Pace is a great American. He deserved better, but his greatness is crowned by the fact that he is not whining and he took his lumps with grace and for the good of the country he loves. This is a man.

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Julie, I agree with your assessment of General Pace. Yet I think Hewitt is over the top in the post you linked to.

Here's Hewitt:

General Pace didn't want to step down, and should be starting his second term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. But thanks to and their puppets on the Democratic side of the aisle in the United States Senate, General Pace was deemed unqualified and unable to be confirmed for a second term. A political party that can discard a man of Pace's caliber, character and credibility as easily as throwing out last week's leftovers for no other reason than their opposition to the war in Iraq is not a party that can be seriously considered to be placed in charge of this country in a time of war.

General Pace was not reappointed (requiring Senate confirmation) by the president because, after consultation with senior Senators, Democrats and Republicans alike, the president decided the likely controversy would be distracting. The general is not the first administration casualty of the war. Nor is this sort of thing all that unusual.

That said, General Pace handled himself with characteristic dignity and honor.

Without commenting on Steve's comment, let me just remind readers that the link was to Hewitt's website but those words were not, in fact, Hewitt's. They were Duane Patterson's . . .just to be clear and for the record.

Sorry. Sloppy of me. OK, written by Patterson, posted by Hewitt.

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