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John Fund

Doesn’t heart Huckabee. He surely isn’t a business conservative.

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Yeah, well I'm tired of business conservative giving in to all the demands of big international corporations and leaving us average Americans to fend for ourselves. It's just one more reason why Huck is very electable.

After the Huckabee boomlet, now the attacks are beginning. Toomey of the Club for War ... err ... I mean Growth has also attacked him. And others such as Remesh at NRO. It is as if someone sent out a "get Huck" memo. Who could Huckabee possibly frighten, and who do they prefer instead? I know that could not possibly be supporting Giuliani and saying Huckabee isn't conservative enough.

The attacks are a great sign that Huckabee is definitely top tier! He's going to win.

The guys in the used book store on Broad Street in Rome GA are now either for Huckabee or Ron Paul. And it's now become fashionable for our dissident liberals to add that Huckabee is the one Republican they like some, at least.

It isn't only "business conservatism" that Huckabee clashes with. He seems to clash with most conservatism. While he may be strong on the social issues (except immigration, a huge exception), what would he really DO about them? I could get interested in a candidate who wished to distance the Republican party from big business. The problem is that this isn't easy to do in practice without being friendly toward big government. Possible, but not easy.

I would point out that it all depends on how you define "business conservatism". On a certain level you could argue that a guy like Huckabee is more pro-business than a guy like Ron Paul. Huckabee is certainly a lot more friendly towards corporate welfare. Huckabee hails from the Wal-Mart state, the Tyson chicken state. Huckabee favors increasing immigration which provides an increased workers pool and cheaper labor. He believes in using government to build up infrastructure, he believes in market failure when it comes to an allocation of public goods. His discussion of "vertical governance" sounds like something out of an MBA text book. Huckabee strikes me as a pro-business Keynesian. I also fail to see how comparing Huckabee to Clinton would dammage his fiscal conservative/business friendly credentials.

John Lewis explains why big business has no reason to fear Huck. He does, in fact, sound like Clinton, and American business flourished under his watch. Huck, in fact, does has the potential to unite big business Republicans with Main Street Republicans once again. A Clinton who's pro-life, pro-family, and friendly to religion would be hard to beat. Please don't take these comments as an endorsement or anything, but I do agree that the fact that big establishment guns are after him is a sign that he might actually be dangerous. I'm open to be being persuaded that Huckabee is the most electable Republican.

He has fewer bad points than Giulaini, but that's not enough to win me over.

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