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Judis on Giuliani

John thinks he’s outing Rudy as an authoritarian loyalist with Catholic roots. Sometimes a hit job with numerous factual distortions can still make a candidate look pretty good. What’s wrong with a strong executive who knows that liberty depends upon authority and virtue?

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Far enough, Peter. Still, "prosecuting" a war or "executing" a foreign policy are metaphors. I don't yet know whether Rudy has thought much about foreign or national security policy execpt that he sounds bellicose. A strong president is not a strong mayor scaled up: to that extent, Judis has a point.

A very poor efort on behalf of TNR. One factual distortion: "Giuliani hired Bratton, Boston's police chief.."

In fact Bratton was hired by Dinkens, and fired by Giuliani when he started to upstage the mayor.

Also, crime in NY was falling for several years before Giuliani took office. Most accounts, including this one, make it seem as if he took over a city in chaos and singlehandedly restored it to law and order, like some latter-day Wyatt Earp.

I agree. This makes Giuliani look pretty good. There are still some holes.

We've learned that in the 1980s, before he became the Mayor of America, Rudy Giuliani narrowly escaped a death plot hatched by John Gotti, who ran the Gambino mafia family.

OK, then Pravda newscaster Martha MacCallum asks viewers: "In terms of Rudy Giuliani and his presidential aspirations, does this help him, this story? Does it make him, you know, even more, sort of, invincible?"

Look, just because Rudy Giuliani descends among us as Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future, he nevertheless might choose NOT to give verbal teachings. Instead he might work for sentient beings by sending beams of light from his holy body.

Steve, I do agree with your point. It's ridiculous to say RG has more foreign policy experience than Huckabeee.

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