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Louisiana’s new governor

I note with some pleasure that the "racists" in Louisiana just elected a Republican of color as governor. Congratulations to Governor-elect Bobby Jindal, a likely rising star in the Republican Party.

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Jindal is great. It's a shame he didn't win the first time around. I think New Orleans would have been in much better shape following Katrina if the state had a Governor more concerned with helping people than with political posturing.

Outstanding news!

Great news, but not surprising. He's the type of candidate we can expect to find just over the horizon.

Bobby Jindal only won because it was an 8-way race. If either of the two leading Democrats had dropped out and threw his weight behind the other, Jimdal wouldn't have had a chance. Furthermore, Bobby "Last Chance Armada" Jindal supports the third-world invasion of the U.S., and thus is guilty of treason.

Bede, Jindal took 53% of the vote. If all of the other candidates were one guy, he still would have won.

I wasn't referring to raw numbers, but the perception of a real opponent. If there had been a visible opponent to him (not 7 unknowns), then he wouldn't have received 53% of the vote. Bobby "Last Chance Armada" Jindal does support the third-world invasion of the U.S., and is a disgrace. It is a sad day indeed for Louisiana.


Perhaps you can enlighten us: What is "last chance armada" and how do you back your claim about his support concerning a third world invasion? Those seem like some lofty and very serious claims, but as of right now, I see nothing other than your assertion.

Jindal -

Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)

Voted YES on preventing tipping off Mexicans about Minuteman Project.

Is rated highly by NumbersUSA.

Bede seems a little unhinged.

VOTING RECORD OF BOBBY "LAST CHANCE ARMADA" JINDAL: Jindal voted against the first Tancredo amendment to HR 2638, which would prohibit funding from HR 2638 from being used to fund the visa waver program. - Voted against amendment to prohibit immigration increases in Free Trade Agreements in 2005 - Cosponsoring legislation to increase H-2B workers who are present in the U.S. at any one time in 2005-2006.

Bobby "Last Chance Armada" Jindal has a decent voting record in voting against Mexican immigration, which is a good thing; but when it comes to Asian immigration, and H1Bs, his unpatriotic voting record is an entirely different story, and in this respect he does support the third-world invasion of the U.S.

I get the impression that Bede's conservative movement could fit in a phone booth. I'd hate to think what opinion he has of Reagan.

It's possible for anyone to comment here under whatever name they wish. Just an observation ...

Just kill me now, Bede. I would increase H-2B workers, those seasonal workers on visa, too. I like the idea of folks who enter legally to work for us and then leave after a set period of time. I think America can afford visiting workers. Honestly, I am guilty of a severe lack of patriotism on your terms. I'd probably let just about anybody in who wanted to come legally, work hard and be American, but especially those who are educated and truly have something of merit to offer America.

Give me some choice middle name that I can set off in quotation marks, please. But first, explain the one you have for Bobby Jindal.

. I like the idea of folks who enter legally to work for us and then leave after a set period of time.

The problem is that none of them ever leave. The H2B visa is as good as a passport. Once you come to America on it you are set for life.

I'm with Kate. Call me a traitor too if it makes you feel better. But legal immigration is good for us. And while there are problems with the current ability to track those who enter, those are much more easily rectifiable than the steady flow of illegal immigration coming from Latin America. Remember Bede, it's not all immigration that's the problem—unless one is a nativist—but rather, an inability to assimilate those who enter. But I guess we're all unpatriotic sell-outs, aren't we?

Kate: Temporary work visas will not work until (1) we end "birthright citizenship" and then (2) end chain migration. As things are now, they use these visas to get on american soil, have a kid, and then use chain migration to bring over the rest of the family.

No, I'm not at all an angry person. As someone who's spent many years studying Western Civilization, and the history of conservatism in particular, I just find it hard to take seriously neocons, hence I rarely waste time making lengthy comments. As they say in aristocratic societies: Neoconservatores, tamquam barbari, advenerunt ut mores maiorum perderent.


But legal immigration is good for us.

It's not. That statement cannot empirically be shown to be true.

So then what, John? Close off the United States to any form of immigration? That's absurd. Granted, I should have been more specific because anyone can come in legally and still not benefit the United States if they fail to properly assimilate. But when people come into America, bind themselves to our culture and norms, we benefit by acquiring citizens (by naturalization) who actually want America to succeed. Why do you think immigrants actually enjoy doing things us "natural" born citizens avoid—like jury duty.

Bede, "Neocons, just as the foreigners, when they come, the traditions of the ancestors are destroyed."? I might have mistranslated that (it's been a while since I looked at Latin)... but assuming I'm close, that is also absurd. "[S]tudying Western Civilization, and the history of conservatism in particular," may put you in a position of not being able to take the neocons seriously, but opting out of anything more than one liners about your intellectually superiority proves nothing other than your apparent lack of study.

And before you label me a Neoconservatore, you should know I certainly am not. But I doubt that concerns you because as I do favor even a little immigration, I guess I'm just a traitor like "Last chance armada".

I mean really, what's the deal here? Are we all to really believe that any immigration is a threat to the American way of life?

I missed it - what does "Last Chance Armada" stand for?

Jindal impressed us after Katrina (my wife and lived in New Orleans at the time, though we moved out about 4 months after the storm). He was the only significant gov player down there that seemed to have a good sense as to what happened and what will happen (and did). I think he is a possible star of the GOP.

But, like many conservatives, I am unhitching my wagon from the GOP...

Chris, why unhitch? Where would you go? A third party? The Dems? independent? Leaving the GOP would be disaster because only the schmucks would be left and there would be no incentive to reform. Staying and kicking out the rot seems like a very viable alternative: only except it requires more commitment on our parts.

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