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More (Cautiously) Good News from Iraq

Here’s the word from our friend Lt. Col. Doug Ollivant, who is widely acknowledged to be one of our best strategic thinkers in Iraq: "Thing are really looking a bit better, at least in Baghdad. I must admit I’m rather shocked to see spontaneous subsidiarity working here. That said, it’s all still very fragile--but I feel a lot better than I did 60 days ago." There’s reason for hope, reason for prayer, and reason for gratitude for the work done, risks taken, and lives given on our behalf.

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Widely acknowledged by who.
So many of the top brass have bailed on this disaster that all you have left are a few shills braying in the wind. The latest from former Gen. Ricardo Sanchez(remember him?) basically substantiates the obvious which the majority of the American people have now seen for years. Sanchez said that in Iraq the United States is “living a nightmare with no end in sight.”

I guess Gen. Sanchez doen't qualify as one of the "serious people." Time to get the slime machine crackin to dig up something to impugn his patriotism.

Read the ENTIRE speach by Gen. Sanchez and you will notice something entirely different that what you state!

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