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More Idle Thoughts about Philosopher-Fred

He is lazy. He actually bragged about it in his high school yearbook. But that means he’s more like Churchill and Reagan than Nixon or Carter. Lazy men don’t start wars, and they’re rested up enough to get to work after some workaholic forces one on them.

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Don't forget Silent Cal, another philosopher. He refused a phone in the Oval Office--the last prez so to do. And if you're lazy like Churchill you can even get more done.

Frederick the Great classified his officers on the axes of intelligent/stupid and lazy/energetic.

The stupid and lazy were culled. The stupid and energetic were cannon fodder.

The intelligent and energetic were made staff officers, and the intelligent and lazy were assigned high commands: they would find the easy way to accomplish the mission.

That's an awesome anecdote Ed - thanks!

Thanks, Ed. You need to get that story to Fred.

Churchill wasn't lazy, but tremendously energetic. He simply had a somewhat unusual work pattern, rising late and going to bed late. Reagan wasn't lazy, though he didn't work as hard as some. Thompson appears to be lazy. Furthermore, beating Hillary in '08 will be harder than beating Carter in '80 -- which itself was no cinch.

And why is it necessarily wrong to "start a war"?

Well, THAT'S high praise.

Any suggestion that Winston was "lazy" is prima facie evidence of intellectual cluelessness.

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