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Thompson the social conservative choice?

Gary Bauer thinks that religious conservatives ought to keep an open mind about Fred Thompson, who is apparently a work in progress. This earned Bauer a rebuke from Randy Brinson, who, by the way, has been playing footsie with "progressive" Democrats (see also this item, where Brinson appears is lots of good "progressive" company).

Hat tip: Power Line.

Update: The more I look at the Third Way report on a common ground between evangelicals and progressives and at co-sponsor Faith in Public Life (see the staff bios here), the more suspicious I am of Brinson’s new friends. The only evangelicals these folks are intrested in are those who can be persuaded to sign onto a "progressive" agenda. For example, the language about abortion--"reducing the need" for it--presumes that there’s an imperative leading to abortion, that some people can legitimately regard abortion as a "need." I’ll concede that there are certain limited conditions where that may indeed be the case (e.g., to save the life of the mother), but I wouldn’t speak generally of a need for abortion.

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"abortion as a need" is due to progressive anthropology, which says that basically we are "good men" who are put in "bad circumstances", forced to make choices we would otherwise not make. If you eliminate poverty, hunger, broken families, etc. you would eliminate abortion.

Of course, this relies on a de facto Marxian anthropology (simply jazzed up with progressive utopia). It's a shame Christians would ever fall for it, given that such an anthropology is so contrary to the Christian explanation of man and his condition...

It saddens me to think that those who want to continue a cultural war would attack those that are trying to find a common thread that can bring people together to discuss common goals for the nation at large.

I point to the issue of abortion and the need for abortion, technically, I would agree that there are few instances where their is a true need for abortion, that said, there are thousands of good, Christian young people find themselves for one reason or another in a situation where they are considering an abortion or proceed with an abortion.

Therefore, focusing on efforts to eliminate the legality of abortion alone has not reduced the total number of abortions.

The same can be said of health care as well, those on the right vigourously fighting expansion of governmental provision of health care while those on the left continue to advocate governemental solutions to health care including now childrens health care.. Both ignore the glowing problem of utilization and don't address the problem of lifestyles as a factor in health care use, particularly tobacco use.

The list is endless, but the only way to solve these problems is to create dialogue and creating dialogue doesnt mean that we have abandoned our moral tenets or principles

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