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Tommy Thompson Endorses Rudy

See article here. I’m listening to him explaining now on Michael Medved’s show. The Court and electability are among his strongest reasons. Medved questioned him about Rudy’s temperament and his personal failings as possible roadblocks to his election . . . Thompson noted that none of us are perfect and that Guiliani’s temper at least has the virtue of seeming to have some rational relationship to his genuine opinions. In other words, he is exactly as he seems. You either like that or you don’t. I confess to finding something exceedingly refreshing in that.

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I thought Tommy Thompson considered himself a conservative. He must want another cabinet post.

The Court and electability are among his strongest reasons.

It requires a willing suspension of disbelief to think that Giuliani will appoint good justices to the Supreme Court. But Tommy Thompson was never a judicial conservative any more than Rudy was.

Giuliani's temper is a merit, not a demerit. We need a guy who can get in the face of State, CIA, who can get in the face of a media pushing an anti-American agenda. We're not selecting someone for the Bench.

We're in a war, a red-hot shooting war, where our neighbors are fighting, killing and dying. And we need someone who will channel his ferocity towards the enemy. And we need a man who HAS ferocity, who has an edge, unlike the tenderhearted Texan we're saddled with presently. I want Giuliani BECAUSE of his temper, because he can blow up, because he can lose it. And I'm hoping and expecting that he will lose that temper in office, on camera, against creatures from the UN, from the IAEA, et al.

And take a look at the people that Giuliani has surrounded himself of late. Men like Olson. Or do you think a guy like Olson has been sold a bill of goods.

Judge the man by those arround him. GW surrounded himself with people like Card, Rice, Meirs and Gonzales. And it was all there to be seen.

So take a look at the people going to bat for Giuliani. And judge him accordingly.

"And take a look at the people that Giuliani has surrounded himself of late."

Yeah, men like N Pod. That scares the heck out of me.

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