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Values Voters summit

For coverage of yesterday’s events, go here, here, here, and here. There’s also lots at The Corner and at The Campaign Spot, if you keep scrolling.

When the straw poll results are released this afternoon, bear in mind that it’s possible to vote online after making a nominal donation to the Family Research Council. There are roughly 2600 people in attendance at the event. Online voters will swamp them. The Ron Paul people know this, as do, presumably, the other campaigns. It wouldn’t surprise me to find Paul in the top three (along with--here’s my prediction--Romney and Huckabee). If you separate the online from the in-person votes (which Byron York hopes FRC will do), I’d add Thompson and subtract Paul). Stated another way, I won’t take Ron Paul’s performance here as an indicator of anything other than the devotion of his supporters, who are capable of swamping an event like this, but not of propelling him to victory in a primary, let alone a general election.

Update: Byron York has the straw poll results, which (as he notes) make it hard to distinguish between summit attendees and online voters (since some of the former might have voted online). Bottom line: the results are predictable--Romney and Huckabee at the top, with Thompson trailing (discounting Ron Paul’s results, as I said I would). With his speech, Rudy Giuliani might have made it more possible for folks like those attending the summit to vote for him in the general election. Given the alternative, I’d have no problem doing so.

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Results are in, and Huckabee wins big. He put quite a thumping on the field when it comes to votes onsite. Sure Romney eeked out a victory when the online votes are included, but Huckabee is the story of the day. I'm quite happy, and all conservatives should be too.

Huckabee took 488 votes compared to Romney's 99 and Thompson's 77 among onsite voters. I guess Thompson isn't so great in person after all; at least not compared to Mike Huckabee!

All fine and good. Iowa, NH and on to the big early primaries. Before that, it's all just talk and speculation.

No worries, Huck will win those too!

Politico has these two stories about the summit and about another poll. In the final analysis, Huckabee and Romney get whatever bounce this event provides.

The two groups of voters agreed on one thing: Hillary Clinton was voted “least acceptable” candidate both overall (4,141 votes, or 72 percent) and in online voting (733 votes, or 77 percent). In total voting, Giuliani was the runner-up as least-acceptable, ahead of all the Democrats on the ballot. Online, that honor went to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)

Huckabee is a liberal fraud. He supports the third-world invasion of the U.S. and thus is guilty of treason. If he gets the nomination, I'm voting third party. Here's a great piece by Ann Coulter:

6: Huckabee is definitely the wrong guy. But I suspect you'd vote third-party in a lot of other eventualities, too. Which dilutes the significance of that particular threat in regard to Huck.

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