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Clinton the youth candidate?

There’s a poll showing that Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Barack Obama among young people, which seems to contradict other polls, not to mention the impression I have from stories I’ve read and my own observations.

Here’s the poll report itself, which includes some other interesting results that might explain Clinton’s lead among Democratic youth. To wit:

On foreign policy, over half (58.3%) believed that the United States military should be used to stop genocide and ethnic killing in places such as Darfur and Iraq. And, two-thirds (66.8%) would support U.S. military force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Just under half of all respondents, 49.3%, agreed that the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq immediately while a similar percent (48.5%) agreed that the ¡§surge¡¨ of troops in Iraq seems to be helping the situation there.

And Steve Hayward might kinda like this one:

While 67.5% believe that global warming is a real and growing threat, 49.3% suggest it is more likely due to historical climate cycles than anything man causes. Under half, 43.5%, believe global warming can be reversed by man.

Kids today! Until I looked at the poll itself, I would have thought either that it was simply an outlier or that the apparent inevitability of Clinton’s nomination had driven those who were only casually interested in politics to "go with the herd." I’m now somewhat more tempted by the thought that the changing news from Iraq has taken a bit of the wind out of Obama’s sails, not necessarily with the most active and ideologically liberal youth voters, but with those closer to the "mainstream."

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Anything in that poll about what percentage of young people think prayer can end the drought, as in Georgia, or solve the global warming problem? I have been waiting to hear the details of a new faith-based program developed at the White House to tackle global warming; perhaps this is a local trial program of a new, responsible public policy?

Sonny Perdue has a farm. He knows what farmers have known for millenia, which is that there are limits on our ability to control our environment. Given those limits, why not pray, thereby recognizing your own finitude and your dependence upon a power greater than anything you can muster?

And in case you hadn't noticed, he is pursuing a variety of "human" means to help us through this drought, including calling for and mandating conservation measures, as well as attempting to work with Alabama, Florida, and the federal government to manage the Chattahoochee River basin in a way that leaves us Atlantans with a little more water.

And beyond prayer, you don't want to know what the Knippenbergs are doing to save a little water here and there.

Joe K - Of COURSE I would want to know what you're doing to conserve water. What's happening in your region now could be hitting me at some point in the future, so if you've any novel conservation methods, please do share.

Navy showers. Less frequent sheet changing. Less frequent changing of outerwear, especially for kids who had hitherto assumed (often, but not always, rightly) that something worn once was dirty and needed to be washed. Less use of the dishwasher. There's other stuff, but I'll leave it at that.

I negelcted to mention that I and my fellow gymnasiasts seem largely to be honoring the management's request that we restrict our post-workout showers to 3 minutes.

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