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English-only job requirements

Here’s some evidence of the difficulty that immigration poses to the Democratic Party.

Because he focuses on the politics of this issue, Fund doesn’t reach the merits of the particular case that sparked the dispute. Can an employer legitimately require in any case that employees only speak English on the job? That employees must understand English, and be able to deal with customers and supervisors in English are no-brainers. But what’s the case for not permitting them to speak another language amongst themselves while they’re in the workplace? I have some suspicions, but wonder what others think.

For more background on the case, go here and here.

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The employer owns the workplace and creates the workplace. As such, he has a right to the atmosphere of his choice in that workplace, which includes the right to ban any and all foreign languages -- or, for that matter, English. From the customer's standpoint, or from that of the English-speaking employee, a workplace in which other languages are frequently spoken is uncomfortable and an insult to our identity as a culture. Among other things, one never knows what is being said. Whether we admit it to one another or not, indeed whether we admit it to ourselves or not, it bothers all self-respecting people. I find it rude when people in this country loudly and publicly speak another language without regard to the native language of the people who predominate in a given environment. When I was a tourist in Europe, I was always conscious about speaking English, and tried to do it circumspectly and as quietly as I reasonably could when in non-English speaking countries. When I wasn't speaking French or German. It seems to me a simple matter of good manners. Which many people no longer have.

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