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Here’s Something Good About Giuliani

He’s supported by Adam Sandler, Ben Stein, and Kelsey Grammer, three of the most admirable and witty men in the entertainment industry. The other Republican candidates, even Fred, have nothing going for them in Hollywood, and that’s, of course, to their credit.

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Ummm, Huckabee and Chuck ring a bell?

ok, I should have mentioned Chuck, although he isn't mainstream Hollywood. Chuck is also one of the most admirable and apparently witty men in the indsutry.

Dennis Miller is also on the Giuliani train.

The kind of people who support Giuliani simply reinforce my belief that he is a liberal.

Miller often speaks on it, he remarks on how one day he took a look around Manhattan, and realized things had changed, it was safe, it was clean, people were making money. And a light went off in his head, that the guy who was getting ripped as a NAZI had turned a city he had come to love completely around.

Something seems flawed with the logic that at one moment describes Hollywood support as a positive attribute ("something good") and then, in the next sentence, gives credit to those who lack that same kind of support.

And I can accept Kelsey Grammer as being admirable and witty - for his abilities and achievements in entertainment - but Adam Sandler and Ben Stein?? Come on.

Chuck Norris? Admirable? Witty? Ok, I get it, Mr. Lawler - YOU are trying to be the most witty blogger at NLT. Very subtle.

For what it's worth Marie Osmond supports Romney ( and Pat Sajak warns against putting too much stock in the political wisdom of the rich and famous:
Yes, I've been reading way too much online news.....

Craig, you better be careful about bad-mouthing Chuck. Don't you know that Truman originally considered dropping him on Hiroshima in 1945? He decided to drop an atomic bomb instead. He said it'd be more humane.

A liberal pantywaist like Craig Scanlon has some nerve talking smack about a great patriot and hero like Chuck Norris. He must be looking for a roundhouse kick to the chops.

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