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How are things going in Iraq?

Ask the American people.

Word is getting out, but it’s unlikely to make much of a dent in the bloc that is solidly anti-war and won’t hear of any good news. These folks will, of course, control the Democratic nominating process. The question is: will candidates who pander to this bloc pay a price in the general election?

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A communist era dictator was deposed and the media, the left, the Democrats (mostly), are opposed and no amount of sunlight on his oppressive regime and on the progress we have made afterwards will sway them?

Go figure. (heavenly laden with sarcasm)

Only 16 percent of Americans want all U.S. troops brought home from Iraq "immediately," according to that Pew poll.

That's amazing, considering the relentlessly awful press the battle for Iraq gets.

Another 36 percent of Americans want our troops withdrawn gradually, over the next year or two. (Because of the way the question was asked, you can't tell if this means "all troops" or some.) The willingness to pull out slowly shows that patience remains.

On top of the 36 percent for gradual withdrawal, yet another 41 percent are willing to keep the same numuber of U.S. GIs in Iraq for as long as it takes to stabilize that new democracy.

In view of the reduced violence in Iraq and the growth of the Iraqi army, it is not impossible to imagine that large numbers of Americans could be returning home soon as victorious liberators.

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