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Is Huck Half-Baked?

So editorializes the NATIONAL REVIEW. He is as populist and as prohibitionist (when it comes to smoking) as William Jennings Bryan (that’s why he’s Dr. Pat’s favorite Republican), and Cato almost flunked his fiscal policy as governor. Two questions: Is this guy really clueness when it comes to the sources of prosperity? Is it significant that the NR is taking him so seriously?

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Hard to know whats going on at NR. They may be concerned that Huck is splitting the conservative vote and helping Rudy. Although the general atmosphere there seems to be exceptionally supportive of Giuliani.

What do you mean it's hard to know what's going on over at NR? They know Huckabee is a softball lobbed up for Hillary and her minions to blast out of the park. They know he hasn't got what it takes to defeat Hillary, and what's more, they also know he hasn't the mental toughness to handle the responsibilities that devolve upon the man in that chair. Of course they're not going to come right out and say as I just did, but they're implying it all over the place.

We've seen types like Huckabee before. They say one thing, but it doesn't tally with their record.

The only guy worse than Huckabee is Romney.

There is something so squalid about a man who takes every position under the sun. It's not one or two issues, but a plethora of issues, where he's all over the place.

Why couldn't Romney simply have been a man, spoken his mind over the last couple of decades, and let the chips fall where they may. Why did he have to be this human wind sock, that points in whatever direction the wind bids it. What is the use of public office, if you haven't the manhood to speak the truth as you see it.

Why couldn't Romney simply have been a man, spoken his mind over the last couple of decades, and let the chips fall where they may.

You mean, like Rudy Giuliani?


I think that populism is a style as well as a cluster of policy positions. I think Huck may well strike a populist chord style wise, but are his economic policies populist? First of all, he is weak on immigration which makes it very hard to call him a populist at all. Second, since the complaint seems to be that he spends more money than conservatives would like, why doesn't that just make him a moderate? Is there something about what he wants to spend the money on that makes him a populist? He has said a few things about fair trade and against corporations (which he panders to on immigration), but that hardly makes him a populist in my book?

I detect a bit of New York City elitism from the boys at NRO. A Baptist preacher from Arkansas gives them the willies, I believe.

Populism is mostly style as Red points out well. And it is a darn effective style when it comes to winning. Huckabee's populism is that he takes conservative stands and explains them to people in appealing ways. I'll take that any day.

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