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Jay Nordlinger

Jay Nordlinger, the managing editor of National review, spoke at an Ashbrook lunch on the 26th last. He is thoughtful, learned and well spoken. It was good to have him here. The students especially liked him. It’s about an hour long, with the question period.

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Mr. Nordlinger has an interesting style. I am not sure I agree with him about Bush in all things, but he does make bold observations. Certainly Bush had to tackle a lot of very difficult situations that none of us as civilians can ever fully appreciate.

I found him a bit slimy. He said that there is no monolithic scientific opinion on global warming, which is basically (nowadays) a simple lie. Not only do all of our science faculty at AU believe in anthropogenic, dangerous climate change, but they estimate the scientific consensus to be at about 98%. There are only a small handful of divided skeptics, about 1-2 percent according to one environmental scientist here. The talking heads and right-wing puppets may complain about "inaccuracies" in Gore's film, but that doesn't explain why so many in the scientific community like it so much, and have defended it...

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