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It looks more and more like Obama and Huckabee. Democrats want CHANGE and a MAN who can give a SUPERIOR SPEECH. And Giuliani and McCain are stepping aside to give Huck a cleaner shot at Romney.

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It's amazing how McCain is hanging on in there. Got to give him credit. If only he hadn't thrown himself bodily over the cliff of "Comprehensive immigration reform," the nomination was his for the asking. Especially after the military policy he championed for years was finally implemented, and has gained traction in Baghdad and Iraq. Imagine being able to run in the general saying the policy I alone pushed, when implemented, achieved military victory over our enemies in Iraq, just imagine the appeal of such a man, who demonstrated nerve, savvy and strength, when most of the media was howling for an ignominious withdraw.

And it was all because of that brain dead immigration reform, that utterly, insanely stupid idea, pushed by a Kennedy, "the architect" and a Bush.

Can you imagine how much McCain must be privately ripping himself for EVER signing up with a stupid Bush/Kennedy plan.

Well, people who get too far afield from the electorate, people who get all cozy like with those at Davos, people who get too comfortable in bed with elites, ........ aren't likely to meet the meed of approval of the American people.

McCain's tale will be a cautionary one for politicians in the future. He had that nomination effectively in his hand; few men in our history had such an inside straight to the nomination, as war hero, media darling, senior Senator of Arizona, John McCain. And he blew it, HIM, personally, he took that nomination in both of his hands, and threw it like Frodo was supposed to throw the ring of power, into the crack of doom itself.

Remember the final scene in THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI, it's the medical officer, standing on a hill overlooking the bridge, now in ruins, overlooking Major Sheer, overlooking Colonel Nicholoson and the evil Japanese officer, all dead, and saying "Madness, Madness...." That's exactly what political observers think when they observe McCain's actions over the course of this campaign season. "Madness, Madness."

And there are some in our GOP who still, STILL stare in fascination at that bauble, that mirage, that fantasy, of "immigration reform" and "open borders."

Oh God in the highest of Heaven, spare us from the leadership of men who scorn commonsense.

His tenacity is very impressive. As is his willingness to eat humble pie on immigration now, saying "I got the message." Still Dan, there was still a lot of bad blood b/t McCain and conservatives, so that even a more acceptable stance on immigration wouldn't have made him top dog.

As for Huck, what clues and evidence, beyond and b/t the lines of the official statements, do we have about how he might be on foreign policy? Does anyone have a solid read on this? Lucas? We're talkin' the executive office, folks. I continue to support W's big decisions on Iraq, but we need someone of a much higher foreign policy caliber next time around.

I've still got that bad blood for McCain.

I'll admire his tenacity, but my opposition to him is complete and comprehensive.

You can't try to bring in 60+ million Mexicans in the teeth of fierce opposition from the American people, from both sides of the political divide, and remain in good standing with this Conservative.

He blew himself up. It was him, not me. Just like Bush, he was the one that started this battle with Conservatives like me, he was the one that declared war on me, on what I hold dear, on the country I love, the Party I'm a member of, ............... AND I'M NEVER gonna' forget it.

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