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Bill Kristol Sees an Opening for McCain and Thompson

They seem like the most presidential candidates. Somebody might retort that they seem old enough to play ex-presidents on TV. But there’s still something to the observation, especially in McCain’s case, and tomorrow’s debate may be John’s time to shine. It also may be Fred’s last chance to look alive. Bill is certainly right that Romney seems small in his negative ads against Huck, and that Rudy has become the incredible shrinking candidate. He might also might be right that Huck is not an appropriate wartime candidate, although he adds that most voters don’t see us aa at war right now.

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I'm sorry, McCain and Thompson are the most presidential because . . . Kristol says so?

McCain probably would have owned the nomination by now, but for immigration "reform." THAT broke all bargains. The rank and file was willing to put up with a great deal, but that sowed bitterness where before there was at least good will, and a desire to walk the extra mile. The base extended an honest hand in total good faith, McCain pulled his usual. And now, after he realizes the damage he did to himself, he affects a chastened demeanor.

No sale. It's one thing to be betrayed, tis quite another to be mocked and betrayed.

He started it, he was the one hankering hard for that "maverick" title. Well, he's got that reputation for being a "maverick." But one thing he won't have, and that is the nomination of the Grand Old Party, for the office of President of these United States. He had a choice, "maverick" or Republican nominee. He chose the former, he'll never have the latter.

And there's no reevaluation possible.

What in God's name is wrong with negative ads?

The ad, the first negative one of the whole campaign, comes across as lame and desperate. Iowans are nice people, as are most Americans, and we like clean campaigning especially in intra-party battles.

Romney is so finished, that it is almost pointless to mention him. Huck is thumping him, and worse, every other candidate is smelling blood. Both McCain and Guiliani have tons to gain in NH by seeing Romney get spanked in IA. Thompson, to the extent he is still relevant, can see that too. Basically Huck will win IA big, knocking both Romney and Thompson out of the race for all intents and purposes. This leaves the race for the second candidate between Giuliani and McCain-two tough moderates. Whichever one of them wins NH (it will be close), will go one on one with Huck in NV, MI, SC, and FL. The score will be IA for Huck and NH for McCain/Giuliani. NV and MI will probably narrowly go to the NH winner. However, Huck figures to have a stopper in SC and he should ride to a solid victory there snatching momentum for the crucial FL showdown. Whoever wins FL will have the momentum for super-Tuesday and take the race.

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