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Now Richard Samuelson brings to my attention this attack ad on John Adams:

I suspect there are a lot of these floating around out in YouTube land, produced by bored graduate students everywhere. Send the best to me at: [email protected].

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Uhhh . . . Steve, don't you mean an attack ad by John Adams and on Thomas Jefferson? Actually, I think making these ads would be a great project for a high school history class.

LOL! And you know, my gut tells me ole wily TJ deserved it! Yeah, yeah, he turned out to be an okay president, yeah, yeah...somethin' back in the day about self-evident truths...

I just want to point out that Alexander Hamilton would never have served as John Adams's campaign treasurer. Yes, I am criticizing a joke ad for its historical interpretation.


I had been thinking about doing something similar to this, but more along the lines of 'would you vote for someone who said [x]?' and then fill in x with all sorts of juicy quotations from that time period. Some candidates:

Someone who would sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither.

The United States is not a Christian Nation.

The Government that governs best governs least.

There are thousands of other possibilities. The main point is to show how contrary we are today to how we started out.

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