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I’m sorry . . . but none of your submissions for the best quote of the year contest are coming close to the "Don’t Taze Me, Bro!" masterpiece . . . Our friend Kate suggests giving the kid the mug. It does seem like he should get something for making us laugh this much! If you need reminding or the holiday crunch is fraying your nerves . . . check out this re-mix of the event complete with MC Hammer. It’s a tough call which is funnier: the student or those pants on Hammer. This one isn’t bad either.

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Don't taze me bro--makes my best quotes too.

I know that Bill O'Reilly made bumper stickers or T-shirts saying this. He is funny that way.

I see it PC run amuck. I have no idea what the student was about to ask, but I'm sure it had to do with a Michael Moore/George Noory/Alex Jones/Noam Chomsky conspiracy theory.

It is quite a revelation to realize that the USA is the same as Nazi Germany.

I kid, but these conspiracies fit a demagogic purpose. Most of my students think the war in Iraq was all about oil or at least Halliburton. They know this without any corroboration. It's in the air, as they say.

So we should beware slogans--even those as funny as "Don't taze me bro."

Why beware? I say because the whole legacy of the New Left has left us with empty gestures. We may have slogans contra New Left, but they remain slogans. And these slogans can be quite destructive--such as Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys slogans.

In the name of relevance must one adhere to "I am the anti-Christ, I am an anarchist."

Just a thought.

My dreams are shattered, just shattered....

I made my oldest son a pair of MC Hammer pants like that for some long past Christmas. Such is maternal love. How I laughed at him, age 12, I think, trying to dance like that in those silly pants. Sending him that video might be the best present of the season. He's going to love it. Thank you, Julie.

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