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Huck Pulls Ahead

by three percent over Rudy, according to Rasmussen.

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Two very good polling days for Huckabee. Let's see if they can be sustained with all the attention he's getting. What I find most remarkable (though not really) is the air that whooshed out of Fred Thompson's balloon over the past month or so. He's lost roughly 10% since mid-October. The two candidates who seem to have gained at his expense are McCain and Huckabee, though the latest Huck surge seems to have come from somewhere else (unless it's former Thompson people switching from undecided to Huck).

Just wait until he wins in Iowa that's when the real surge will begin. Romney may be knocked out of the race in New Hampshire a surging Huckabee will steal some of his support, and may cause others to look for another alternative. He is so done.

Huck is looking real deal.

I forget who it was about 10 days or so ago, who said Huck was a "fad." I think it might have been Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt must be in a panic right about now.

I'd like to know whether his polling surge has also caused a surge in cash. And I'd also like to know if Romney's large donors are beginning to leave the phone unanswered.

I'll say this for Huckabee--aside from Ron Paul he's the only Republican candidate who hasn't been beating the drum for preemptive war against Iran. As a result, the revelations of the recent NIE have left him one of the few without egg on his face.

On the other hand, once Huckabee becomes the frontrunner, look for the media to start asking him about his literal interpretation of the Bible. He'll come off looking like William Jennings Bryan during the Scopes Trial.

I don't think so Dr. Moser. You can watch his response to the evolution question

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