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Is Huck the Republican McGovern?

According to Drudge, the Democrats think so. And that’s why they’re holding their fire.

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Or is Romney the Republican Kerry. A little more balanced coverage would be nice Peter...

Huckabee may win the nomination, but he's not a heavy hitter, he's not a serious observer of the foreign scene, and he hasn't a firm grip on foreign affairs.

And Clint, there was no need to begin your comment with "or," Romney IS the Republican version of Kerry and Gore.

Hey by the way Drudge is a huge Romney supporter the DNC is denying the whole thing (although I am not sure how much that proves). I wouldn't put it past the Romney camp to invent the whole thing. The Politico agrees

Drudge, the former outsider, has become a part of the establishment.

As for the Romney campaign, I put NOTHING past them, that campaign will do anything to win. In that sense they're the equal and the match for the Clinton's and their corrupt cohort.

Romney comes up short in just about every comparison, but one. And that is his willingness to say anything to any constituency, and his willingness to do whatever is necessary to win. Romney took that line from Vince Lombardi very much to heart, that privileged winning over everything.

There's nothing unreasonable in thinking the Dems would look to influence who they faced from the GOP in the general election. Of course they'd like to have the weakest candidate.

The question is whether they a) have such influence, b) are smart enough and coordinated enough to exert the influence, and c) whether Huckabee is the most plausible weak candidate from the Democrats' point of view.

My guess is the Democrats would least like to see Romney or Guiliani. Assuming the GOP base votes the ticket, then these two have the best chance of capturing the middle from the Democrats. Of course, whether the GOP base comes out to vote is the big open switch question.

Do you really think the Romney camp is capable of pulling one over on Drudge? He has contacts all over the place - I'm sure he knows the difference between an informant from the DNC and the Romney campaign.

The point is that Drudge is part of the Romney campaign. You have to be aware of where people are coming from. He is not an objective observer. He has a horse in the race.

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