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Again, my linking is stinking. But if you go to RealClearPolitics, you’ll see two more interesting Huck articles. One by Strassel in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, which is yet another extreme, grapeshot attack on this great threat to America and conservatism. The other, by Dionne, is in the WASHINGTON POST. E.J. concludes that Huck is the leader of a rank-and-file rebellion that will be crushed by the Republican establishment. I’m not saying that rebellions shouldn’t be crushed. But the establishment Republicans will need to find common cause with the rebels to win the big war, and that means taking a genuinely sympathetic look at the causes of the rebellion and the charisma of the rebel leader. (I live or almost live in a working-class evangelical, southern, failed milltown neighborhood, and the Huckabee signs are just starting to pop up. Again, this is not an expression of my view, inasmuch as I have no local influence, am not evangelical, and don’t really work much.)

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Given that Huckabee is in the spotlight (or cross-hairs, more like it) as a contender, I believe that Huckabee can learn and is learning to speak to the wider American audience that he intends to govern as president. That said, your remarks are well taken and well put.

It is not enough that George Will, the Wall St. Journal, Hugh Hewitt, and the rest of conservative kingdom's opinion-makers fire away in blunderbuss fashion and hope something lands. They must drop the straw-men arguments, jettison half-truths and assorted hyperventilations, and make respectable arguments for why Huckabee's approach to addressing a substantial constituency of the American people is so detrimental to the GOP and America that any of the other alternatives would be preferable.

This rebellion is going to win and take back our party and our nation for the people by the people and of the people.

Those trying to prevent Huckabee taking Iowa are working hand in glove with the Romney campaign. Every other Republican candidate can lose Iowa and not be thunderstruck. BUT not the Romney campaign, which dropped a king's ransom trying to buy Iowa's primary.

Lucas, Huckabee isn't "in the cross-hairs." It's more like he's at the very center of "ground zero." What they're unleashing on him, from every and any angle, is an absolutely desperate attack to stop him, and make sure that Romney takes the primary he spent good money purchasing, id est, the Iowa primary.

Huckabee should simply run an advertisement demonstrating how much the establishment Romney has spent per voter, and compare that to his own meager expenditures. Huckabee has done well with that little guy mantle. Yet there's still more wear to be gotten out of it before it's discarded.

I don't know if he'll be able to survive what they're unleashing on him. I very much doubt it, though he's standing tall still.

The establishment doesn't give ground without a fight. And they've no intention of giving the nomination to anyone right now, other than Romney that is. Romney shares their private disdain for those pro-lifers they deem gauche yahoos. The establishment intends on grabbing those yahoos by the scruff of their red necks and firmly placing them, once and for all, IN THE BACK OF THE BUS.

Huckabee must be destroyed for that to happen, and his followers thoroughly demoralized so that the fraudulent Romney can get the nomination.

I'm not even a Huckabee supporter, as those that frequent this blog know full well, I favour Giuliani for the nomination, BUT watching what the GOP establishment is unleashing on Huckabee is grotesque.

I honestly don't see too much of a difference between Governor Huckabee and "the establishment" other than these attacks "they" are throwing at him. Seems to me just to be like most of the other candidates who will not do much more than inflate the federal government to a greater size and cost than it already is and let the immigration problem continue to get worse...

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