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...or at least we don’t think we are. Studies show that Republicans have a much higher opinion of their mental health than Democrats. Other variables, such as income, can’t account for much of the difference, and so being a Republican is clearly a significant cause of self-reported sanity. It could be that Republicans are as crazy as Democrats, but have a manly sense of self-confidence that causes them not to notice. Or it could be that Democrats just whine more and are angling for mood brighteners. (Thanks to Rob Jeffrey.)

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No one is touching this, perhaps because it seems like such a subjective study. While I like the conclusions that seem to be drawn, that "self-reported" part makes the science of the thing suspect.

This suggestion, by a neuropsychiatrist and brain-imaging expert, might help discern actual brain pathology. Brain scans seem much more scientific, though they might be nothing more than phrenology for our day. A national leader with brain problems can potentially cost millions of people their lives. is indisputable, but might not a politically motivated doctor of neuropsychiatry decide that Republican brain patterns were indications of mental disorder? If there were such a pattern, couldn't it define political pathology? I know people who would say so.

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