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On words in politics

I guess Hillary’s campaign is in trouble. Words are flying. Are they slime?

Kate Phillips of the NY Times recounts (former Dem Senator) Bob Kerrey’s well-chosen (he repeats himself) words on Barack Obama, as he announces he is supporting Hillary. The question is simple: Is this an orchestrated attempt to smear Obama? Is it related to Bill Clinton calling Obama a "symbol" rather than an "agent" (Hillary) of change? Is Obama a roll of the dice, as Bill Clinton called him on the Charlie Rose show? This is David Brooks’ response to that question. And this is Jonah Goldberg’s thought on both Clintons, their words and passions.

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I was glad to see Brooks take Obama's side in the issue, if for the base reason that the Clinton's are old news. If Obama is a "roll of the dice" (as he surely is) Hillary is a card from the bottom of the deck! Both would be bad.

Nonetheless, Obama at least does not have to play sycophant to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. He took drugs as a youth, and admitted it--unlike 60s icons Bill and Hillary.

In the late 19th century it was called waving the "bloody shirt." Nowadays the 1960s are waving the "burning bra" or "lighted joint" of politics.

This is one place I agree with Obama. Turn the page! the 60's are over.

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