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Mike Huckabee’s undiplomatic remarks about the Bush Administration’s diplomacy raise a question. How are all the Republican candidates dealing with the legacy--domestic and foreign--of the Bush Administration? Is anyone embracing anything? Where there are attempts to establish some distance, how is that being handled?

Comments are most welcome. Examples with links are especially appreciated.

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I must have missed the article or clip where these remarks came out. Do you have any links for that?

Nevermind. Found it down below.

The best I know is McCain's positive blurb on the dust jacket to Norman Pohoretz's World War IV. It is an intelligent book, despite the grim prospects for the world it presents.

The question is why hasn't anyone questioned McCain on his adherence to Podhoretz's argument. Since I more or less agree with Podhoretz, I'd like to see Huckabee deal with this issue.

Will he merely make a joke about Flintstones technology in a Jetsons world? Is this guy for real? Haven't we already looked for presidential leadership in a little town called Hope?

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