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Shameless Pilfering of Laura Ingraham’s Brain

She regularly asks callers to choose from a host of pull-quotes ranging from the noble to the ridiculous and dubs one "the sound-bite of the week." Today she’s asking callers to identify the "sound-bite of the year." My pick from her list is the John Kerry protester famous for his screaming, writhing and plaintive cry of, "Don’t taze me, ’bro!" I never tire of hearing it and I laugh every time.

I propose that we accept and evaluate nominations from our readers and contributors. Please submit your entries below. This is no democracy, however. I will arbitrarily choose a winner before the end of the year and send you a mug.

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Childrens do learn. - George W. Bush

"See you at the bill signing." George W Bush.

"Some call this civil war; others call it emergency -- I call it pure evil." - George W. Bush

"It was an unidentified flying object, OK? It's, like, it's unidentified." - Dennis Kucinich.

"I don't recall" - Alberto Gonzales

Judd . . . you're in the lead as of now. Keep the submissions coming but let's try to keep it down to one or two per poster--unless you get an amazing inspiration.

Hillary Clinton in Selma--not so much what she said, but the way she said it.

That one was o.k., Joe . . . but I thought you were going to post this one. I wonder if our southern friends who are of a mind lately to be suspicious of our good will would like to trade for that level of disingenuousness.

Oops! That's the one I meant. Too quick on the draw, I guess.

I want to be the President of NASCAR and Wal-Mart, and Main Street, and Fishers, and Hunters, and America. -Paraphrase of Mike Huckabee giving what was the greatest political oration in American History at CPAC last Winter.

"Until Moses comes down from Brokeback Mountain with a new set of commandments, I will defend marriage as between one man and one woman." -Mike Huckabee, CPAC

"There's never been a civilization that has rewritten what marriage and family means and survived." - Mike Huckabee focusing on the number 1 destroyer of civilizations - gay marriage.

"We need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague"
-Mike Huckabee advocating the forced isolation of AIDS victims in 1992, four years after Surgeon General C. Evertt Koop released a public report stating AIDS cannot be spread through casual contact.

"I'm not going to recant or retract from the statement that I did make." -Mike Huckabee on Fox News (12/9/07)

Judd, that aids comment is extremely unfair to Huck and you know it. In the 80's we knew so little about aids that we were still giving it to them via blood transfusions because we didn't check donated blood. 1992 was a long long time ago in the world of medical research.

Think about how long people argued about cigarettes after an esteemed Surgeon General's report; that hardly closes the case.

It's not unfair...Many more people than just the Surgeon General knew by 1992 that it is a scientific fact that AIDS is not spread through casual contact.

Either Huckabee was a)ignorant of the scientfic consenus or b)informed about the science and willing to ignore it in order to play to his base.

Neither answer seems satisfactory to me. I want a President who is willing to face the real facts instead of manipulating them into fitting a specific agenda.

Besides, if it was just a matter of him misunderstanding science he would have set the record straight when asked about it recently. Instead, he got defensive and showed no willingness to admit he was absolutely wrong.

Check it out on Youtube.

I've already seen the explanation; he explains that at the time scientific consensus was not firm enough for him to take the health risk lightly. He explains that the facts later proved his concern false, but adequately defends his belief at the time. If your point is that he was a little behind the scientific times by a year or two, fine. I don't really see the big deal in that; I think it is quite conservative for government to act slowly. Today we have even stronger scientific consensus that second hand smoke causes cancer than there was about aids in 1992.

I believe that Huckabee could have been c) stewarding the public health in a way that was unwilling to take risks until "scientific consensus" was a little more certain.

Judd, on the basis of "scientific consensus" I presume you are prepared to further regulate or ban smoking from the workplace? In which case you'd be supporting an even stronger scientific conclusion, and agreeing with Huck.

Does anybody really think Huck is going to LOSE support amongst Social Cons for saying AIDS types needed to be quarantined, back in the early '90s. Wasn't it George Herbert Walker Bush who said "there was never a disease so avoidable...." How many would care to disagree with that. So far, there are really only two ways to get it, contaminated needles, and the other way. Then again I think I've heard of contaminated mothers passing it along to their kids. Another problem of course is that the very definition of what constitutes actual AIDS keeps morphing and expanding, all in the quest for additional funding.

Tom Bethel has written on the topic, as well as Michael Fumento, {sp?}.

(This was attached to a subsequent thread, I'm just adding it to the original post).

My favorite recent quote is from Nancy Pelosi around October 26, 2006:

"The gavel of the speaker of the House is in the hands of special interests, and now it will be in the hands of America's children."

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