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That Rod Dreher hearts Huckabee. There is, after all, a certain crunchiness about the man. And perhaps, with Dreher’s advice, he can promote ways of life that help us achieve energy independence within ten years.

I must say, though, that Huckabee’s approach to energy independence is long on new federal programs and relatively short on crunchiness. There are a few nods in the direction of conservation, but little else.

Perhaps the crunchiness only has to do with tobacco.

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And whatever Rod is, it's not an evangelical. It's the Christian Democrat thing going on...

But this populist revolt is not just about religion. Mr. Huckabee calls himself the candidate of Main Street, taking on a party that has become "a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street." He's a throwback to a kind of conservatism that had a home in the Democratic Party before it embraced the counterculture - and created Reagan Democrats.

He's right about this, and sooner or later it will have to be addressed. The GOP is simply the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce. That cannot stand.

I think that this piece by John Derbyshire illustrates some of the same resentment with the people running what used to claim to be a conservative party. In a different direction, but the sentiment is the same.

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