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A Petty (or maybe NOT so petty) Example of What’s Wrong with the GOP

I just heard a commercial on the radio for the upcoming presidential debates in California. The Republicans are having their debate at the Reagan Library--which, on the face of it, seems like a good and a logical choice. But consider the venue choice of the Dems . . . The Kodak Theater . . . the home of American Idol . . . the slick, glitzy, Hollywood and cool choice. Pretend you’re not a conservative political geek for five minutes. Which place would you rather visit? A library or a theater? Simi Valley or Hollywood? The home of your father’s President or the happening hot spot of the celebrity culture? Is it really a tough call? I know there are those of you who are going to be happy to criticize my attention to this matter as silly and wrapped up in appearance. Yes. I agree with you. It is. But appearance matters whether you like it or not. Would it kill the GOP to seem to have some grasp of this fact?

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Appearance is important. But this might be going a bit overboard. Unless the Dems are appearing before a great big neon-sign saying: AMERICAN IDOL. Which I doubt.

Venue isn't one of the problems besetting the GOP debates. It's how they're conducted, it's the participants involved, {Paul should have been bounced months ago}, it's the gotcha' nature of many of the questions. And it's also a weird sense of priorities. We've had debates where immigration and Iran weren't even mentioned. But Huckabee kept getting asked religious questions. As if Huckabee's religious views were in any way more important than the threat of Iran, and the flow of millions of people across our borders. Many of the questions that have been asked have been ridiculous, and none of the candidates took the media to task. The Party needed to make sure that the candidates were going to be asked about issues important to REPUBLICANS, and not those deemed important by the liberal MSM.

The candidates have let themselves be too restricted by the rules, they've let themselves be chloroformed; it's as if they're in a straight-jacket. The GOP didn't insist that people like Russert and Matthews weren't involved. Why didn't the GOP make Gingrich moderate several of the debates. That would have been more informative, and ultimately, more entertaining than what we've had heretofore.

And the actual candidates were too shy in jumping in and interrupting things. Here's a for instance, McCain has been asked about his executive experience, or in his case, the lack thereof. McCain responded by reminding viewers that he commanded the largest fighter squadron in the US Navy. And none of the other candidates jumped in and said: "How long ago was that John, that was what, way back in '67, or maybe after 'Nam, in '75, so what executive experience have you racked up in the long, long interim since...." That's the problem with the debates, that they've not allowed candidates to jump in occasionally, and hit one of their opponents.

The actual venue then isn't the problem, it's the rules. And the questions too. Instead of lengthy introductions and questions, why not fire a topic at the debate participants. We'll say "border," you tell us what you think in a single paragraph. We'll say "Iran," you tell us what needs to be done.

Another thing is that audio-visual hasn't been used. We could have had a huge screen and on that screen various images are presented, and the candidates are asked to comment on it. We've could have had muslim rage boy doing his act, along with scenes of the street theater in Gaza, in Karachi and elsewhere, and the candidates could have been asked to comment. Scenes of Paris afire because of muslim rioting could have been presented, and the candidates asked to immediately comment thereon.

Good point. Have I mentioned that Huck is undoubtably the "coolest" conservative going. Playing bass in a band, having a good time cracking jokes on the trail.

The GOP needs to update, regardless of who their candidate or what platform they run on.

Dan, I think your answer to Julie beautifully expressed how I feel about what Julie had to say. One thing I think should be addressed. Why was NBC allowed to get away with defying a court order to allow Dennis Kuchinich to join the debate in Nevada? The GOP should have jumped on that.

I don't know the answer to that one Sami.

Wish I did though.

I think the Republicans made the right choice - traffic around the Kodak is AWFUL.

Hollywood is a large part of what's wrong with America. Holding a Republican debate there is the wrong way to be cool -- unless the candidates are planning to denounce Hollywood, which would seem to defeat Julie's purpose.

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