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Another Cultural Sign on Abortion

The Los Angeles Times carried a interesting feature today about men who regret abortion. Slowly but surely abortion is becoming stigmatized to the point that, in another decade or two, people who get abortions are going to be treated like smokers, and pro-abortion feminists are going to be regarded as something like tobacconists.

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You can also see this in the shrill reactions of feminist abortion supporters to movies like Juno and Bella. If this cultural shift does come about as you suggest, however, I think I'd buy the futures of the GOP leader who can use it but also moderate it by injecting some sympathy for the plight of women "caught" in a tough situation. Rhetoric that captures the horror of abortion but also suggests good and realistic alternatives for women in trouble will serve, in the years ahead, to marginalize abortion's most shrill advocates.

And this is exactly the point that Giuliani needs to make to pro-life Republicans. He needs to remind them that he's INCAPABLE of retarding or slowing the progress they're going to be making in the future.

For the life of me, I don't understand why he didn't remind them of that.

There's another component overlooked. DEMOGRAPHICS. Europe is in as Mark Steyn described a "demographic death spiral." Likewise Japan. That's going to force governments, whether they desire to or not, to limit, then ultimately, PROHIBIT abortion. They'll then seek out arguments beyond mere demographics to justify their actions, and they'll be forced to lean on the moral arguments that abortion opponents have made from time immemorial.

A point I've often made when speaking on this grim subject, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY is providing clearer and clearer graphics of what's going on inside the womb. Those graphics, which are only going to become more sharp, are forcing people to rethink their support for abortion.

Lastly, as islam grows in Europe, muslims are going to agitate increasingly for the end of abortion. European liberals, eager to demonstrate their multicultural bona fides, are going to start increasingly accommodating their demands. They're already doing so. Brussels banned fireworks for the recent New Year, because muslim groups complained. {YEA! Just imagine that, New Year fireworks banned in the capitol of Belgium, the capitol of the new EU, all because muslims complained!}.

The forces against abortion are growing. In a hundred years, the vast abortion industry will be seen as the direct spiritual and moral descendant to the Holocaust, and abortion supporters will be looked upon as ghouls, utter ghouls. Creatures like Faye Wattleton, Kate Michaelmann will be recalled as monsters. YES. It will happen.

AND IT WAS THAT INSIGHT which drove Ruth Bader Ginsburg's bizarre dissent in the recent partial birth abortion case. She saw, for the first time since Roe, she and others finally saw the handwriting on the wall for them. They had an image of all of them being recalled in history like Taney, like those that proclaimed "equal, ....... but separate." The thought that those they deem nothing more than religious whackos and fundamentalist yahoos, the mere thought that such people will be recalled in history as righteous and upright, just like those that fought slavery, just like those that fought Jim Crow, is simply too much for Ginsburg and for so many others. They're on the wrong side of history. And they're stunned by it. Yet they see it. They sense it.

Nonetheless, for those that defended that grisly "procedure," the ominous and telling words have been written: "MENE, TEKEL, AND PERES." "You have been weighed in the balance, ................... and found wanting!"

As early as 1997, rapper Common wrote the song "Retrospect for Life" on his regrets about his abortion. I'd paste the lyrics, but it'll come out all garbled without inserting a million line spacers. Lyrics for Common's "Retrospect for Life" Might not be Shakespeare, but it is an honest and unpopular position to take, and I think he nails it for the most part.

Must have really thought I was God to take the life of my son

I could have sacrificed goin out
To think my homies who did it I used to joke about,

from now on
I'ma use self control instead of birth control

Cause $315 ain't worth your soul

Does that make good law? Last spring, the Supreme Court cited these accounts as one reason to ban the late-term procedure that opponents call "partial-birth" abortion. The majority opinion suggested that the ban would protect women from a decision they might later regret.

Never mind. We take what we can get on this issue and if men's grief at the loss will turn the tide, welcome to it. But where has it been for the last thirty years?

The only one that wins with an abortion is the shallow male.

Dale, he is just unaware of his loss.

When people, especially men, are younger, they may fall for the Big Lie that abortion provides Free Love and an escape from responsibility. When they get older, they realize that they have removed their own children from the face of the earth, and escaped only the true love of a child.

We don't need another Person of the Year. We need a Year of the Person. Every year.

"If trees were tall and grasses short,
As in some crazy tale,
If here and there a sea were blue
Beyond the breaking pale,

If a fixed fire hung in the air
To warm me one day through,
If deep green hair grew on great hills,
I know what I should do.

In dark I lie; dreaming that there
Are great eyes cold or kind,
And twisted streets and silent doors,
And living men behind.

Let storm clouds come: better an hour,
And leave to weep and fight,
Than all the ages I have ruled
The empires of the night.

I think that if they gave me leave
Within the world to stand,
I would be good through all the day
I spent in fairyland.

They should not hear a word from me
Of selfishness or scorn,
If only I could find the door,
If only I were born."

'By the Babe Unborn'--G.K. Chesterton

Thank you

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