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Brief Random Observations

1. Today (the 9th) is Richard Nixon’s birthday.

2. Yesterday (as Huck, of course, announced at his sort-of victory speech) was Elvis’s birthday.

3. The most Hispanic-friendly Republican ticket would be McCain-Jeb Bush. And Jeb would add executive competence to the McCain administration.

4. The best characterization of the coming Huck-McCain duel is the warrior vs. the preacher.

5. All the open and closet Giuliani supporters are claiming that Republicans have "no-mo"--no candidate has picked up momentum. But that, of course, is not true. And there’s reason to believe that McCain and Huck both have mo’ mo coming.

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The most Hispanic-friendly Republican ticket would be McCain-Jeb Bush.

True. But it would, of course, be the most American-unfriendly ticket the GOP could come up with. I'd cheerfully vote for a Clinton/Obama slate in preference to it.

I think the idea is that Giuliani will formally get the two hundred or so delegates which his political cronies managed to arrange for him months ago, at which point it will be spun as a huge shift in momentum towards him.

The reality is that in states where there is an actual vote, he's doing very poorly. I think 4% in Iowa and 9% in NH, and polling in the single digits in MI and SC.

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