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Clinton Fatigue?

If this New York Times story on Hillary’s day in New Hampshire is any indication, Hillary’s camp is at least downcast, if not in disarray. Note the multiple use of "Clinton fatigue" in the article, reference to empty seats at a rally, their anger at the media, and whether or not Bill helps her campaign (and note that Bill is tired). There is also a not so subtle implication that the campaign--in the well known Clinton mode--would really prefer to attack Obama harshly now, but have decided not yet, not yet. In my opinion, they don’t think it necessary, yet; there is some hope left, in their opinion. When she loses New Hampshire, necessity will force the attack, I’m guessing. If not after New Hampshire, then certainly after South Carolina, at the latest. It could be fun to watch. Also note this NYT story on how blacks are savoring the Obama victory. Some thoughtful and revealing opinions. But also note this cautionary note from Jonah Goldberg, should Obama become the Dem nominee and then lose.

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Did the weakest Dem candidate for the general election won tonight? I think so. By sending forth Hussein Osama out of Iowa, Democrats have unwittingly weakened their general election prospects.

Hussein’s exotic mixture of radical liberalism, Kwanzaa Socialism, antipathy towards the unborn, and weakness against his jihadi brethren will all come back to destroy him against almost any Republican opponent, even the snake-grope from Hope.

I think we as Republicans should be celebrating tonight at the coronation of Hussein, in whose presence millions of Democrat women, from elementary school teachers to journalism majors to law school grads to dykes on bikes will go weak in their knees.

As defenders of this great Republic, and of the pinnacle of Western civilization that it represents, we should all come together tonight and agree on a common strategy that will keep the White House from becoming a madrassa.


More like Freedumb.

God save us from stupid election mentalities.

I just renewed my subscription to Dykes on Bikes.

They will attack Obama. Clintons attack. That's what they do. It's gotten them to where they are today. They'll attack just anybody. They're the ones that contrived the unending campaign; they're the ones that started "the war room" mentality. They're the ones that inflicted the likes of Begalia and Carville on an unsuspecting nation. Inside their souls exists a deep hunger to unleash on Obama, who dared, DARED to challenge their undoubted sway over that party.

The Clintons are a truly sick, sick pair. Even in their "non-attack" on Obama, there is present the underlying menace of an impending attack. If they're not actually battering away at him right now, they're surely assaulting him, by placing him under threat of an impending attack.

Attacks and intimidation, it's always the same with that disordered, dysfunctional pair.

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