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End Women’s Suffrage??

A clever YouTuber strikes again. I’m all for it. LOL, as the saying goes.

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Thank you. I so hope the computer and Internet connection is working well in my classroom on Wednesday. One of my topics for the day why it is vital to have a good vocabulary; why words are important. Unfortunately, this does not go without saying. This video ought to nail my point, especially with the inevitable shocking percentage of students who won't get it without an explanation.

Future Hillary Clinton voters?

I was thinking that one of the most entertaining aspects of that video was the snarkily superior kid with the microphone. Do you suppose he and his friend with the camera might have only learned the word the week before in US History class? Maybe that is why they felt the need to include the definition in the video.

Yes, those girls are certainly future Hillary Clinton voters, except we can hope there is not going to be the opportunity.

If I thought that the video really meant a whole lot - with some super-basic editing the 100 girls who refused to sign are hidden from the viewer - I'd say that it just goes to show that a private, religious school can do as little to stem ignorance as any public school.

And "Future Hillary Clinton voters?" ???

And please, Julie. Maybe these girls are simply Ann Coulter fans, or became so by reading your occasional, approving links to her here at NLT. Coulter has, on several occasions, suggested that women's suffrage should end. But I guess somehow that gets forgotten in favor of the brilliant theory that these girls are either ignorant or don't trust women with important political decisions, or both, and therefore would want Hillary Clinton as prez. How very reasonable.

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