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When you are away from old peers and colleagues for a long time and then have the opportunity to catch up with several of them in a short span of time, you sometimes notice things that seem to represent a kind of trend. As I am creeping closer to 40, here is one that I’m noticing. It seems whenever I come across a woman I haven’t seen in awhile (or even another mother whom I barely know), and she has a tattoo she once considered to be a sign of her "edgy" and hip persona, I find myself listening to a lengthy apologia for the thinking that led to her inking, laced with regret, and nervous chatter about the improvements in laser removal techniques. Tattoo removals (like manicures, facials and various spa treatments) seem to be the new status symbol for young (well . . . not yet old) professionals and moms. It will be expensive and painful, but I guess this is a good sign for my generation (and it means that we’ll all have fewer sagging butterflies peeping out at us on the backs of old ladies in another 30+ years). But geesh! There has to be a less painful way to grow up!

I did notice on this last trip to Ohio, by the way, that an old Victorian mansion that was once converted to a bridal shop (and where I once purchased a prom dress) had been converted, yet again, into a tattoo parlor this time. It was a local establishment, however, and not a big box tattoo center with ink imported from China . . . so maybe it would be o.k. with some of our communitarian friends? Nevertheless, times did not look good for this establishment. I’m pretty sure it went the way of my hideous prom dress from 1987.

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Maybe. There is a place out near Madison that, a summer or two back, had a big sign out front advertising a free Longaberger basket with every tattoo. That was a sign of the times.

Oh Kate . . . that's so two summers ago! But who was going there? Have you seen the ladies at those basket conventions? (I hail from basket central . . . Zanesville/Dresden). They don't look much like the tattooing kind, but perhaps they're tattooing baskets? Country scenes? Welcome Friends? This could be a great skit on Saturday Night Live!

Yes, I thought, "Who is your market?" I was taking kids to a beach, just whizzing on by, but the sign has been the subject of contemplation (well... periodically) ever since. Was the sign aimed at basket collecting women inclined to tattoos, or the guy trying to ameliorate the situation with the little lady after acquiring another death angel?

I didn't even know there were basket conventions. Can you tattoo baskets? Or do you mean the ladies get tattoos of their baskets on themselves? As a memorial, as in, the basket may burn or shabbify, but this memorial of my favorite basket will be with me till death or removal surgery.

I would never underestimate the enthusiasm of a true basket nut. Anything is possible with that crowd. I imagine some one of them has already envisioned the Longaberger coffin.

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