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George Will weighs in on the Hillary-Obama spat in much the same vein as David Brooks the other day, but with the benefit of this vivid turn of phrase: "Clinton’s clanking, wheezing political jalopy, blowing its gaskets and stripping its lug nuts. . ."

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But this sort of thing is so cute. Welcome to modern politicking.

Notwithstanding the recent debate in Las Vegas, in which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to smooth over the perceived racial overtones of their campaign for the Democratic nomination, the contest in Nevada has again turned ugly. Subsequent to the endorsement of Obama by the Culinary Wokers Union, the state teacher's union and a handful of Clinton supporters have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Democratic party establishment of 9 Las Vegas resorts as at-large voting precincts for the upcoming caucus. The obvious intent of the lawsuit is to limit the impact of the resort culinary union's votes for Obama, claiming that it gives them unfair advantage over other voters. (A judge threw out the lawsuit today.)

The second story behind all this was Bill Clinton's standard reaction to a San Francisco TV reporter asking him about the lawsuit brought by Clinton supporters. Once again, Bill lost his increasingly-famous temper. "You have asked the question in an accusatory way. If you want to take that position, get on the television and take it. Don't be accusatory with me. I had nothing to do with this lawsuit", Clinton fumed as he got in the reporter's face. (If you haven't noticed by now, Bill Clinton does not like unfriendly questions.)

Well, there you have it straight from the horse's mouth. If Bill Clinton says he had nothing to do with it-then by golly, it must be true. Or is this another example of Clinton's parsing of words? "It wasn't me, but it could have been Hillary or her campaign." Let me put it this way. If you think the Clinton campaign had nothing to do with this lawsuit, I have a nice bridge that would look great in your back yard. This is just another example of how the Clintons react to an upstart (Obama) standing in the way of what is Hillary's rightful entitlement. They get mean; they get tough; they crush anyone who stands in their way.

As I said before, it's fun sitting back and watching the Democrats tear each other to pieces over race and gender and now unions, showing the nation just how important those issues are to them. I would like to see Obama really take off the gloves and go after the corruption and shallowness of the Clintons.

Which leads me to my final point, which I think would be a great campaign strategy for Obama: Keep pushing Bill's buttons.

gary fouse


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