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Our friend Bill Kristol explains why Huck might be the strongest candidate the Republicans have to offer, espcially against Obama. I don’t agree with every word of this, but Bill is right actually to notice and appreciate the distinctive appeal and the intelligence of Huck’s message. So far, we have every reason to welcome Bill as New York’s newest and most astute columnist.

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Bill, not unhinged like the NR and Powerline types, realizes Huck may be the nominee and he's not burning any bridges. Wise move, wise man. Took 'em some time to see the light on immigration however. But he got there, he got there.

If Huckabee gets the nomination, he's going to need to reach out for domestic and foreign relation advisors. And Kristol is making sure that Huckabee won't turn him a cold shoulder because of previous attacks against him. If you were Huckabee right now, would you give any credence to anything that NR's Lowry, Lopez, et al have to say? Of course not. They declared their literal detestation of you, they've branded you a hick, a yahoo, a populist demagogue. They've called you a fat embarrassment. In Peter Lawler's words, they've been "ungracious and generally obtuse." And Peter was being charitable in his description of their behavior towards Huckabee. Not to mention NR has persuaded guys like Limbaugh to tear after Huckabee.

NR shouldn't be surprised when they find themselves outside in the cold, where there is "wailing and gnashing of teeth."

I almost want to see Huckabee win the nomination just to witness NR making their altar call in Huckabee's big old revival tent. "Once was lost, but now I'm found...." God, watching NR crawl to Huckabee would be hilarious to behold.

But sane folks don't let amusement interfere with cold political calculation. So as entertaining as it would undoubtedly be watching NR, Limbaugh and and especially Powerline types crawling on their knees making their altar call before Pastor Huckabee, we still can't really go for Huckabee. Oh God, could you just imagine Hewitt having to swallow all the bilge he's been churning out. Can you imagine old Pastor Huckabee accepting Hewitt's groveling apologies and confession? It'd be hilarious.

Dan, Very funny...I'm almost start to root for Huck just to see all that happen. Peter

"Now we gather at the river, the beautiful, the beautiful river, gathering with the saints and the sinners...." Rest assured, old Pastor Huckabee is going to see NR and Hewitt as sinners, who will need to be washed clean in that "river."

Just picture in your mind old Pastor Huckabee, standing upright, arms outstretched, welcoming that altar call.

Too bad the stakes weren't so vast, otherwise I'd throw my support behind Huckabee just to see that.

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