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S.C. evangelicals undecided?

This poll (full report here) suggests that evangelicals are the largest single undecided bloc in S.C. It also seems to suggest that Romney’s effective surrender here might help Huckabee a bit, perhaps enough to overtake McCain.

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Most interesting is the distinction between the McCain "leadership" voters and the Huck "values" voters. Any Republican who wins in November is going to have to get them both.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I can't find anyplace to contact your webmaster.

Ever since your site crashed, it hasn't displayed right on my Firefox browser. Quotation marks and semi-quotes, for instance, are changed into black diamonds with a question mark in the middle.

Display looks fine in IE, but not in Firefox.

What Peter notes is part of what the caring evangelicals are struggling with, though there's a desire to vote for Fred, as the old Reaganite and southerner, too. The findings in this poll seem right to me, as well as the two articles on McCain below on Politico. The results will be very interesting. Huck is ending his campaign at Wofford late this afternoon.

Well, there is one guy who isn't undecided when it comes to John McCain, and that's Rush Limbaugh, who is hammering him on the air. Just hammering him. I said over a year and a half ago, long before this campaign got under way, that if McCain is serious about earning the Republican nomination, he should have a sit down with Limbaugh. Well of course nothing came of it. And now they're having to campaign through a perfect storm of radio hosts going after him.

It would have been so easy for McCain to get together with Limbaugh, but McCain wouldn't do it, he's "the maverick." Limbaugh and company are just grinding into dust McCain's presidential aspirations. I don't see how he can do it when every hour of every broadcast day Limbaugh is unloading on him.

Well, I'll be voting tomorrow and it won't be for McCain, even though I match the "typical" SC McCain voter profile: over 65 military veteran. The reason: McCain just does not fit the "typical" conservative Republican profile. His record on immigration, 1st amendment (mcCain/ Feingold), and various and sundry other social issues , just do not meet my litmus test of a conservative Republican.

Let's face it: We either live up to our conservative principles, even at the risk of losing the election, or we succumb to the siren call of "accommodation".

Michelle, it looks fine in Firefox for me.

Whoa, dad, last I checked, you were leaning his way. Where to now?

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