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Wot the Hell Happened Up There in NH?

Well this is sure interesting. Just shows you that you can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers.

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EVERY major poll had Obama up.

So what happened?

That pathetic crying jag clearly moved numbers for Hillary. But which numbers, and among which segment of New Hampshire society. What are we to make of women voting for Hillary for the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, BECAUSE OF HER DISPLAY OF WEAKNESS AND VULNERABILITY.

In '72, Muskie went down rightly, because voters saw him as a weakling. Now vulnerability is extolled, weakness lionized. This is insanity.
Every guy back in the day who fought the suffragette movement is rolling over in his grave right now and saying "I told ya' fricken so!" This is SO UTTERLY DAMNING to American women.

Many have deplored identity politics, supposedly Huckabee was tapping into Evangelical support. But where true identity politics is being played out is in the DEMOCRAT race, where crying and saying "it's so hard..." might actually get you the nomination.

Just yesterday she's vulnerable, hurt Hillary.

Now she's stepping out there as victorious HILLARY, Athena like, Jove like, a tower of supposed strength.

This drags into disrepute the ENTIRETY of Democratic governance. A people who can be swayed by fraud and nonsense, how does such a people deserve freedom and prosperity? What are we to make of this display of political puerility and insanity.

"Too many have been invisible for too long, .............. BUT they're NOT invisible to me." So she's God like, as I said earlier, she is truly the Goddess Athena, omnipresent and omniscient.

Only a Clinton could get away with a line so patently bizarre and absurd. Now she's capping that point by saying "They'll be no one invisible in America anymore."

She's "in it for the American people."

Where is the mention of the unions that artificially inflated her numbers, delivered New Hampshire for her, and kept her politically viable tonight. What of them?

I thought there would be no more invisibility, but it seems the unions will have to remain off-stage tonight.

This whole nightmare since Iowa reminds us of Edwards in '04, when he said that if the Dems win, "Christopher Reeves will get up and walk."

Recalls to mind that line from the Bible: "Rise, pick up your mattress and go home, your faith has healed you."

Elmer Gantryism combined with snake oil salesmanship.

A couple things: I don't understand how to poll in a state where 40% of voters are Independent. Neither do professional pollsters. We do know that black politicians typically overpoll among white voters (who say they will vote for a black candidate, but then they don't). Hillary got her support from seniors and the less educated.

Did the tears ("a woman's demagoguery," a friend who wishes to remain married, told me)help? They didn't hurt.

The campaign will go on for several weeks more, unless the Obama campaign is pure gas. Let's see what he's made of.

Winner of the NH primary: Right now, I'd say Giuliani.

Yes, I'm beginning to think as you do KEN, that the winner tonight is the guy who can say there's no clear frontrunner in the GOP field.

Giuliani's gambit was always risky, always chancy. He had to hope that no single candidate would gather momentum, and run the table. That's seems to be the case. Romney lost, but was close enough to invest more of his millions and stay in. McCain won, but he didn't polish off anybody, and McCain is still the McCain who infuriated the entire base of the party throughout '07. Thompson is done, no support, no money, no juice.

Huckabee is still standing, and might gather some renewed momentum after South Carolina.

EVERYTHING that Giuliani wanted to see, needed to happen, hoped would occur, has transpired. The field is confused, and the dates are closing in on his primary states, where he'll supposedly win the day.

If he pulls it out, if he actually garners the nomination, the details and the tactics of his campaign will be studied and scrutinized for a long, long time.

Dan: "Thompson is done, no support, no money, no juice."

I suggested a few days ago that Thompson had to demonstrate viability somewhere or he had no candidacy. For that I was mocked by another commenter. Now Jim Geraghty over at NRO says of Thompson: "On to South Carolina, where it's go big or go home." That's a sober, realistic assessment. To the other commenter: what you want doesn't make it so.

It's being suggested that perhaps the inaccurate polling is due to the Wilder Effect. It seems a plausible explanation. The anti-Muskie theory might explain older women changing their votes for Clinton, but I doubt it explains other demographics.

Paul beat Thompson by a large percentage tonight, and was right on Giuliani's heels. He has also amassed a larger war chest then Thompson. And yet Thompson is the more viable candidate.

The media and their polls are consistently wrong and ought to stop trying to choose who the frontrunners are.

I think that's what accountable for this nightmarish result is whacky women voting for another woman who said "it was hard...."

THAT'S what did it.

Tower of strength Hillary, iconic Hillary, morphed into the fading flower, poor, little Hillary, who has had to put up with so, so much.

Women of America have a great deal to answer for tonight.

Way back in the day suffragettes told Americans that women would make decisions based on substantive factors, not whim, not appearance, not irrational emotions and not menstrual mood swings. What transpired this evening was EXACTLY what those opposed to the suffragettes warned America against. And I would like an explanation.

Perhaps the greatest political fraud in American history, Hillary Clinton, who has been in the public's face since forever, went out there, pulled a misty eye routine that Pavlov's dog could have seen through, and dopey women went out there and acted like a Pavlovian dog, and pulled the lever for her, because she became "vulnerable and human." She's been in the public face for how long, but on the day before the New Hampshire primary, in the umpteenth year of her public life, she's FINALLY become "human." She told us "I have feelings too." Yea Hillary, tell that to Juanita Broderick.

The rational folk of America want an explanation for this spectacle, this spectacle that brought the very idea of democracy, of representative government into disrepute.

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