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Michelle Obama is an interesting character. In speaking about her husband and his capacities, she informs us that he is capable not only of changing souls (which, in her view, is what we all need in America) but also of changing the WORLD. Hugh Hewitt has been playing bits from this speech this afternoon. Go have a listen and then, when you hear it, ask yourself if John McCain really looks so bad. Hugh Hewitt is not given to wild expressions of over-statement. But even Hewitt remarked that it reminded him of the fascist stump speeches from the 30s. He’s been reading Jonah’s book, so perhaps that’s why it came to his mind. I haven’t read Jonah’s book yet but Mrs. Obama’s speech did remind me of somebody else.

Fred Barnes remarked that the Obama campaign had better reign her in before she becomes the next Teresa Heinz-Kerry. Whatever happens, this is going to be interesting to watch.

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It's interesting, alright. I noted the Michelle Obama speech, too, but it made me think of a different Clinton and another speech.

Too late. Easily the most nauseating speech I have witnessed in recent memory was one Madame Obama delivered in Delaware before Super Tuesday (I think). Only reason I kept watching was so I could say it was the most nauseating speech I had heard in recent memory. At least Kerry's wife had the decency to quote Lincoln. Mrs. Obama's theme was "the bar keeps moving": for Obama's campaign, for working families, for [fill in the blank]. Reminded me of that line from Invisible Man, when the narrator discovers the wild goose chase he's been on--only he doesn't call it that. "To Whom it May Concern: Keep This N-----Boy Running." That was her basic message--about Obama, about the middle class, etc. ad nauseum. I thought, What country does she live in?.

As long as Barack Obama keeps hope alive with his cotton candy speeches, the campaign can send his wife around to remind everyone that it's not morning in America, that America is not the wonderful nation she grew up in, that we need a savior, and his name is, you know the rest. Quite the marked contrast from Barack Obama's 2004 Democratic Convention speech, where he praised the U.S.A. with the zeal of a convert to the GOP, only to be fair, what it really sounded like back then was the appreciation a recent immigrant to the U.S. has for his adopted homeland.

Michelle Obama comes across as cold, arrogant, ill-mannered, and shrill to anyone who isn't blinded by her little guy's "fairy tale" campaign. Like Teresa Heinz Kerry, and Rodham herself, Big Bad Michelle will be a net minus to the campaign if Obamination is the candidate. Like many Democratic figures, she simply can't control herself.

No, Julie, it is not interesting to watch. It is happening to us. We are all players in the game, not spectators. I'm scared, very scared, for this country, for my kids.

Good point, Tom. While Obamaism is somewhat interesting from a political-science standpoint, the interest is far overshadowed by the threat.

Let Michelle speak - matter of fact we should give her, Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan and company free air time on T.V. The more they speak and the more people hear them, the more their real motives become clear - rule the world. In the case of Code Pink everyone knows now that they are all a bunch of post-menopausal, hysterical 1960's throwbacks who did not get their way and probably took more drugs than Jerry Garcia. Michelle and Barrack (the popes of hope) are nothing but snake oil salesmen. The first time I saw Bill Clinton on T.V. back in 1991 with Hillary both made my skin crawl, and I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The first time I heard Obama talk he made my skin crawl. I believe that the pope of hope's wall will come tumbling down soon and all the King's Horses and all the King's Men won't be able to put the pope of hope back together again.

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