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I tried in an essay to make sense of Barack Obama’s various utterances about religion and politics. My conclusion: his "awesome God" is a thoroughgoing, card-carrying Democrat. I know this comes as a shock to everyone.

Update: I’d forgotten about the rather hetrodox religious dimensions of Oprahbamalooza until David Innes reminded me.

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Which "card" does your God carry, Joseph? Something out of the Old Testament, perhaps?

If you're assuming because of my last name that I'm Jewish, you'd be mistaken. Or perhaps you take me for a theonomist or Reconstructionist because I'm critical of Obama's short circuit from the Sermon on the Mount to the platform of the Demcoratic Party. That would also be a mistake.

Everybody knows that Hussein Obama's god is Allah, the false god of our Arab enemies.

Great work, Joe, just definitive. Everyone in America should read this. Obama's moments of thoughtfulness, plus Joe's much greater level of thoughtfulness, together make for a wonderful learning opportunity about the relation of church in state in America.

I do think the final conclusion, that his God is a Democrat first and foremost, is ultimately too stark, given his sincere belief in salvation and the reality of sin.

I also think your critique of his abortion stance ought to have included that evidence about his LONE vote as a state senator against a partial-birth abortion bill there. That instance falsiifes his moderate stance quite concretely, and Obama ought to apoligize for it if he wants to be taken seriously on the issue.

Fair comments, Carl. Thanks.

Hal Holst, everybody.

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