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In case you hadn’t noticed

There were some primaries and caucuses yesterday, with Obama narrowing Clinton’s lead and Huckabee winning in states that resemble Iowa and Arkansas. You can read more about the Republican contests here.

The Republican result in Washington state is muddy, as you can read here and here. Aside from the fact that Huckabee seems to be disputing the results, there’s also the fact that roughly half the delegates will be assigned in accordance with the results of a February 19th primary. If this story is correct, the Huckabee campaign seems to be willing to go to the mat over an issue that can’t really help their man and can only give aid and comfort to the Democrats. If he were a few delegates behind McCain, this might make some sense. But shouldn’t he display some magnanimity here?

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Perhaps it's beginning to dawn on old Huckabee houndog that whatever deal he reached with McCain isn't worth, well, for want of a better word, isn't worth spit.

This is Huckabee imitating Glenn Close's psycho character, when she screamed to an increasingly freaked out Michael Douglas, that she wouldn't be "ignored."

Poor old Huckabee, I don't know what he's doing, nobody does. Probably his own staff doesn't as well.

But he's still running. Against what, we don't know. Towards what, who can say. But he's running.

Here is a link to a Huckabee appearance in Virginia at TRB Church.

Yes, Huckabee went to a church to speak. I guess this is yet another reason for Dr. Tucker to disqualify him?

Gov. Huckabee appears about 27 minutes through.

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