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Little Change and Less Hope

Victor Davis Hanson writes a pithy condemnation of both Obama and Clinton and also the tortured world view that permits them to get just about everything exactly backwards. Just the sort of thing to pass along to an otherwise sensible friend who is toying with the idea of voting Democrat. 

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A pretty lame effort. If wealthy populism is bad, what does McCain offer instead? The fact is that he's largely in agreement with his good friends in the Democratic Party on most of the issues VDH mentions.

In any case VDH's argument is incoherent. Very little of what McCain (or Obama, or Clinton) wants to do can be honestly described as "populist", alas. They all represent a narrow segment of elite opinion.

VDH is not describing the Obamas as real populists, but as pompous phonies, which they are. And yes, all of us should be sending liberal (and stupid conservative) friends as much against BOTH Obamas as we can.

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