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I have taken something of a beating by calling into question the idea advanced by some that conservatives ought to sit out the general election, or even support Clinton or Obama, if McCain is the Republican nominee. I would observe that the same argument was advanced in 1992 about Bush 41. Eight years of Billary Clinton would seem to illustrate the folly of such reasoning. Character ought to mean something, and McCain has shown he possesses it.

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yep - when it comes to opening the borders, granting amnesty, and thus destroying the prospect of limited government forever, McCain is Horatio at the Bridge. When it comes to gagging free speech and building in an eternal advantage for incumbency, the guy is Davey Crockett. And when it comes to bashing religious conservatives and cussing out fellow senators, John McCain is the King Leonidas of divisive back-room infighting. I cannot think of a better guy to fight for the Democratic agenda. I'm just not sure why he is the front runner in my party.

Character ought to mean something

Why? Seriously, why?

McCain has shown he possesses it.

Again, what makes you say that? Clinton has plenty of "character" too. Or is this just a round-about way of saying "Let's support the guy with the R after his name?

My impression is that McCain is truly concerned about what is best for the country.

Churchill crossed party lines twice. He was accused of being an opportunist. However, I believe Churchill was focused on what he believed was best for his country.

McCain had sincere beliefs that he believed were worth crossing party lines for in the best interst of not his career but for the country. I can not think of another candidate that has put his career on the line more often and more courageously than McCain. Futhermore he did so because he truly believed in something. It is a novel idea but sometimes what ought to be meets reality and deciding in principal to compromise but not to compromise principal is something that McCain seems capable of doing.

McCain seems sincere in his statements that he will secure the border. Of all the politicians he seems the most believable...

Yet I am concerned about his executive experience and his Pro-life record and his ability to deal with economic issues.

Therefore I think that Huckabee may be better qualified as a President given his being elected to lead all 50 governors and his consistent pro-life record.

Last but not least his fair-tax proposal seems to be the best way to deal with all of the subculture that goes untaxed, off-shore money ect...

I can not think of another candidate that has put his career on the line more often and more courageously than McCain.

It ain't courage to tell the media what they want to hear then soak up the adoring free press that results. The only exception is his stance on the surge, which I grant you without reservation.

McCain seems sincere in his statements that he will secure the border.

He will not even give a straight answer - he has been asked twice - about whether he would sign his own McCain Kennedy amnesty bill if it came across his desk as president. If he will not give a straight "yes or no" answer to that easiest of questions, he is not at all sincere about securing the border.

But we have the chance of political pressure with McCain (all right, I said the chance of political pressure) and none with either Democrat. Since he lost to Bush, McCain has moved to the right. An election might cause him to become foolishly certain of his own political perfection, but maybe he will know himself to be the anti-Democrat election choice. Surely, someone will tell him. So, in the first term, at least, we have political pressure for McCain to govern from the right if he wants to be re-elected. Unless, as wm. puts it, McCain is primarily interested in support from the press.

Yes, John, let's support the guy with the R beside his name. It really does indicate a better option when all options are not quite what we want.

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