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David Brooks follows the Stuntz argument about campaigning with some questions about governing in an Obama or Clinton Administration.

If in fact a Democrat wins the presidency, along with an augmented Congressional majority, the (party) unity that brought victory will give way to divisions over governing. The big tests will be Iraq and government spending. Brooks thinks (hopes???) that centrists will prevail in the showdowns.

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The problem is that it's not the "centrists" who are in the leadership in Congress, as opposed to when the GOP had majorities in Congress and Bush as president. Does anyone think Patrick Leahy would be a buffer against pretty far-left judicial nominees? Or that those who would control the budget process would be shy about funding new programs? Or that, with Obama as president, there wouldn't be a bidding up of who could get out of Iraq faster?

Ever since David Brooks went to The New York Times, he's become a real disappointment. I used to enjoy reading Brooks.

No longer.

He's become a scold.

And a boring scold at that.

God what a waste!

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