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Morel Podcast on Lincoln

I talked with Lucas Morel last week about Mr. Lincoln. I wanted to put it out on president’s day, just to make a point that both Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays should be holidays and on the right dates, darn it! Anyway, here is my Podcast with the good Professor Morel.   

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When I heard the news that Kosovo was attempting a break, I thought to myself WWLD?

Answer: War!

That's funny--when did the Kosovars start owning slaves?

And when did the Union's troops go on a genocidal rampage before the South left?

Oh yeah, it didn't happen.

The two situations aren't that similar except in appearances.

And when did the Union's troops go on a genocidal rampage before the South left?

Truth is, the Serbs where reacting to Muslims lead by outsiders (i.e. terrorists and their state sponsors). Yes, they went too far sometimes, but the Islamisists killed and maimed just as much. The west has noting to gain by recognizing yet another Islamic state, and the people of Albania have nothing to gain but short term pride and long term oppression as Sharia becomes the law of the land. Slaves indeed...

Christopher, are you attempting to link the sections of the former Yugoslavia county to the United States of the mid-1800s?

Are you serious?

The better question is WWSM (Slobo M.) do?

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