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Obama in Texas

I’m starting to think Peter Lawler is right about Obama’s prospects in Texas and Ohio. A friend at the University of Houston sends this tidbit along today:

"Obama drew 20,000 two nights ago in our new professional basketball arena. Last night, Bill Clinton showed up more than an hour late to the UH campus and drew 2,000."

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The mystery is why so many on the right are happy with this. Obama is both tougher to beat and a good deal more left-wing than is HRC. If I'm a Texas Republican I'd vote for Clinton.

This is beginning to sound like a referendum on the relative sexiness of Obama vs. Bill Clinton!

My friend, our pastor's wife, works at the local county board of elections. The absentee ballots are coming in. There are nearly twice as many for Democrats as for Republicans. This has always been a heavily Republican county, as is most of non-urban Ohio. Therefore, my friend is very upset by this. Especially as veterans of previous elections say the numbers are usually reversed.

I say the problem is that Republicans have been generally dissatisfied with the field of candidates and uncertain who to vote for in the primary. I said that everyone will come out for the general election. In the end they will all support (probably) McCain, even if they have not been enthused by him previously. They will vote Republican to prevent the contrary; a vote against the Democrats is as good as a vote for the Republicans.

I wish I felt more confident about that. Wouldn't someone like to tell me how right I am?

She also says that voter registration numbers for the Democratic Party are WAY up. We both know several men who have insisted that they will vote as Democrats in the primary to effect who wins. Absurdly, about half think America will not elect a woman and the other half think America will not vote for a black. She, my friend, thinks that the tide towards Democratic registration could be that sort of voter. I want to think she's right, but don't. I know someone will tell me that a person who registers to vote as a Democrat might never get around to voting. But then I think if that segment of the electorate was energized, as they have not been in past elections; inspired, thrilled and delighted by a charismatic candidate with vague policy prescriptions, but plenty of hopeful talk... oh - I am not encouraged.

"Obama Girl" did not vote in her primary. The youth vote is the next wave of politics, and always will be.

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