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1. Obama is now clearly ahead of Hillary nationwide. So now she’ll be lucky to get a tie today. I wish I had bet the plantation on the collapse. Will Bill Clinton be able to salvage his wife’s campaign? I, for one, hope so.

2. Romney closed a little nationwide and in particular states but not enough to make any difference. Geogia is basically a three-way tie.

3. From the point of view of people such as myself, Julie, and Joe who want to chasten McCain, the Georgia situation provides a stategic dilemma. I’m too manly to share with you the soul-searching that produced my final choice. And because it is, in truth, nothing more dramatic than a coin-flip, I’ll spare you the burden of being guided by that choice.

4. If you come to Oglethorpe tomorrow, you can hear my ten-minute talk on the Warrior and the Preacher. It tentatively includes this paragraph: "The weakness of the warrior--and this is the theme of many a Clint Eastwood movie--is that they prefer war to peace. So they’re all for sacrifice even when it would be counterproductive to require it. McCain was against the Bush tax cuts because they’d be unpatriotic in time of war. Now he’s finally for the cuts--in a way--because they’d stimulate the economy. It doesn’t seem to occur to the warrior that Bush’s pro-family tax cuts might have actually improved the ordinary lives of struggling parents. And McCain’s also a hawk when it comes to budget cuts, of course, because they usually require that someone sacrifice, and that can never be bad."

5. I might also say tomorrow: "Instead of taking Darwin on in the name of Creation, Huckabee should have said that Darwin is on his side: Members of our species--like members of all the others--are happiest when they live dutifully as social beings, when the do their duty to their species by having kids, raising them well, and not trying too hard to stay around forever, contrary to nature’s clear intention for each of them."

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Well stated, Peter. And I'll bet you didn't vote for the warrior at least....

Peter . . . isn't teasing more generally considered to be a feminine thing? Sorry, I just had to tease you.

Feminine teasing, or manly irony, or [ ] discretion?

Men don't fret about how to vote. Decide, act, move on. I knew the order I put the candidates in 5-6 months ago, and it hasn't changed since. "Stay the course," "dead or alive," "mission accomplished," you name it. Game, set, match, hasta la vista Romney.

Huckabee won "gold medal" in West Virginia. I suppose no one noticed? It doesn't matter much, but Peter, you sure did praise Romney for winning Wyoming-an even more meaningless outcome.

Coyness is all well and good, but it was rather obvious that you (and Knippenberg) both slammed Huckabee and now McCain when they were on top. You handle Romney more delicately; you'll both vote for Mitt; I tried, but you can't teach old Reaganites new tricks.

She Who Must Not Be Elected has requested 4 head-to-head debates with Obama in New York State, 1 per week, between now and the March 4 primary.

I think that qualifies as desperate.


I am a contrarian, so my criticisms don't necessarily indicate my voting preferences.

Hillary will bring peace and good times in

Vote HRC in 2008.


I am a contrarian, so my criticisms don't necessarily indicate my voting preferences

Joe, do you believe that is productive? I know most people have a contrarain side, but is that the most useful tack in politics? I'm not convinced that it is, but could be persuaded since being contrarian is fun.

You did vote for Romney, right?

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